‘Pretty Little Liars’ First Look: Ezra Gives Aria The Cold Shoulder – Watch

Talk about an icy cold reception! In last week's crazy episode of 'Pretty Little Liars,' we saw Aria basically throw Ezra under the bus, and it looks like he's found out. Check out a sneak peek for the upcoming episode! Sorry Ezria fans -- it looks like Aria's (Lucy Hale) low blow letter could have blown up in her face. She totally trashed Ezra (Ian Harding), and in this clip for the Jan. 20 episode of PLL, we see that he's not so thrilled with her! Watch it now!

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‘Pretty Little Liars’: Aria’s Letter About Ezra

Aria can’t really be surprised that she’s getting the cold shoulder! In this clip, we see her get straight up rejected when she tries to confront Ezra, and honestly, she’s kinda getting what she deserves.

Ezra’s brush off may have been a result of the Jan. 13 episode, in which Aria had gotten rejected from every college she applied to and had gone into full blown freakout mode. In a moment of severe desperation, she wrote a college admissions letter and used it to scapegoat Ezra for all of her mistakes. Though Emily read the letter and tried to sway her not to send it, the deed had already been done.

Aria did eventually change her mind, driving all the way to Talmidge to retrieve it, but it was too late: She ran into Jackie, who had already read it. Fortunately, Jackie agreed to keep it a secret. However, as we all know on PLL, secrets generally don’t stay secret for long.

Aria Burns Ezra

Aria ends up getting accepted to Talmidge, which was confirmed via a super friendly email from Jackie. Aria opted not to tell Ezra about her scathing letter just yet but of course, she later found the cruelest section of the letter as a bookmark, meaning Ezra had read it. “A” strikes again!

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— Casey Mink

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