‘Pretty Little Liars’: Ryan Guzman Previews Jake & Ezra’s Confrontation

The men in Aria's life are about to meet! Which guy do you think she belongs with? Poor Aria (Lucy Hale) has been stuck in an emotional tailspin all summer on Pretty Little Liars, torn between ex-boyfriend Ezra (Ian Harding) and new romance Jake (Ryan Guzman) -- and it sounds like her love life is only going to get more complicated. HollywoodLife.com had a little chat with Ryan, who revealed that not only will Jake and Aria's relationship continue to grow, but Jake and Ezra will finally come face-to-face. Spoiler alert: It won't be pretty.

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“Ian and I have a couple scenes together coming up,” Ryan teased, finally putting an end to what he calls Ezra and Jake’s “stalker-ish awareness” of one another. “[Those scenes will] definitely be interesting, because to see a boyfriend and ex-boyfriend interact is never a pretty sight. It’ll add even more angst to the show.”

But don’t expect to see Ryan and Ezra fighting for Aria’s honor. She’ll remain on Team Jake for the foreseeable future.

“Jake has always been supportive of Aria,” Ryan noted. “He told her he’s ready and willing to help her, rather than date her. So it kind of depends on how Aria feels; she definitely has an attraction to Jake. They have a growing relationship.”

Skeletons In Jake’s Closet?

As with most characters on Pretty Little Liars, there’s more to Jake than meets the eye — and Aria might not be too thrilled with what she’s about to learn.

“You’re going to dive into Jake’s life a little more,” Ryan revealed. “You’ll find out what makes him tick, and you’ll see him become more honest with Aria. I can’t say how Aria reacts to that honesty, though, or what her feelings are. It seems like Jake is coming from the heart, and he’s not on the ‘A’ team.”

Well, at least that‘s a relief.

Ryan Vs. Twitter

I also asked Ryan what it’s been like joining a successful series in its fourth season, and more importantly, what feedback he’s been getting from Pretty Little Liars fans on Twitter. As you might expect, it hasn’t exactly been a picnic:

Twitter reaction can be brutal sometimes. Ezria fans don’t hold back when they comment on Jake, so I fee like I just have to clarify to a bunch of people that I’m not my character. But as you watch the season a little more, you’ll see that Jake really is just there to be a nice guy. He cares about Aria, so I hope the Twitter following will become more positive. … The haters are still there; I think they’re always going to be there. You learn to live with them.

Come on, guys. Play nice!

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