Ezra Fitz Says Goodbye On Tonight's 'Pretty Little Liars!' Should He & Aria Call It Quits?

Do you think Aria belongs with someone her own age? Watch a preview clip of tonight's episode & vote! The staff at Rosewood High is about to become a lot less dreamy. Yes, Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding) bids his students farewell on the June 21 episode of Pretty Little Liars, with an emotionally charged speech secretly targeted at Aria (Lucy Hale) -- you know, the student he's been banging for the past year. Ezra's words may be sweet, but I can't help but wonder if his relationship with Aria is more trouble than it's worth.

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“I didn’t expect to connect with you the way that I have,” he tells the class. “I’m not going to forget you. I will remember your voices, your questions [and] your faces. I cherish the time I’ve spent here, and I’m more grateful than I even know how to say. … There’s a quote by Joseph Campbell that goes: ‘You must give up a life you’d planned in order to have the life that’s waiting for you.’ I thought I knew what that meant, but I didn’t… until I met you.”

Before you freak out at me, though, know this: I’m 100 percent behind Aria and Ezra’s relationship, barring all outside forces. The whole “it’s illegal” thing aside, Ezria will continue to suffer as long as “A” continues to have a cell phone plan with unlimited texting.

Vampire Diaries fans will recall Elena’s difficult decision to break up with Stefan in order to keep her family safe from Katherine last season, and I’m seeing some pretty strong — though less supernatural — similarities in Ezria Land.

Watch the clip from tonight’s Pretty Little Liars below, then tell us how you feel about Aria and Ezra in the comments section below!

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