Camila Cabello’s 2024 Met Gala Purse Was a Real Dripping Ice Cube: Photos

The 'Bam Bam' hitmaker explained the meaning behind her ice cold accessory during a red carpet interview at the Met Gala.

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Camila Cabello at the 2024 Met Gala holding an ice cube clutch
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Camila Cabello embraced her own version of the 2024 Met Gala‘s theme, “The Garden of Time.” While her tattered gown sparkled in front of the cameras, what really turned heads was the 27-year-old’s accessory: a real, dripping ice cube. In true Beauty and the Beast fashion, the ice surrounded a gold rose.

Photographers captured Camila‘s unique accessory, which she carried like a purse as she walked the red carpet on Monday, May 6. She explained the meaning behind her chilly clutch and ripped gown design during an interview with Extra that night.

“I feel like it is impermanence and things decaying over time and the beauty in that, so there are sort of rips toward the ends of my dress.” she said, referring to the event’s theme, which also honored the Costume Institute’s “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.”

Camila Cabello's 2024 Met Gala ice block purse
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After an interviewer pointed out her melting ice block, the “Bam Bam” hitmaker noted, “It was a purse, but then it broke about five minutes into being in line, so I called my stylist like, ‘What do I do?’” Eventually, Camila decided to “take it as a clutch.”

“We’re just trying things here,” she added.

Camila Cabello holding an ice block with a rose while walking the 2024 Met Gala red carpet
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Camila walked the red carpet solo that evening and attended an after-party. Like most attendees, she changed into a different outfit after the upscale event. While arriving at The Standard Met Gala After-Party at The Boom Boom Room in New York City, Camila was seen wearing a little black dress.

Camila Cabello at the 2024 Met Gala holding an ice block clutch purse
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This year’s Met Gala saw some unique styles among the celebrity guests. As usual, A-listers from far and wide made their own fashion statements by wearing iconic gowns, pantsuits and more. Although some assumed the “sleeping beauties” exhibition title indicated a fairytale theme, Vogue pointed out that it had “nothing to do with the Brothers Grimm or Disney, but is rather a celebration of clothing and fashion so fragile that it can’t ever be worn again — and are therefore sleeping beauties in the scrupulously maintained archives of The Costume Institute.”

As Camila nodded to “things decaying over time,” Vogue also noted that the fashion from the 2024 event “embodies the beauty of the natural world — its fragility and its inevitable decay.”