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Rose McGowan

rose mcgowan celebrity profile
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Date of Birth: September 5, 1973
Height: 5'4"
Hometown: Seattle, Washington, United States
In a Relationship With:
Davey Detail
Best Quotes:

I came out of the womb waving red lipstick.

I like strong, strong women who don't go down without a fight. I like iconic roles. They don't come around very often, so I have to wait for them. Obviously I'm not the typical blonde who stands by the side, while the man has all the fun.

There have been a lot of murders and suicides in my family; it's like the primary cause of death. I wonder if there's a certain energy that attracts that.

Rose McGowan (born Rose Arianna McGowan on September 5, 1973 in Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy) is an American actress and singer. Rose’s parents were working running the Italian chapter of the Children of God, and she spent the early years of her life in the group’s communes. Her parents returned to the US when she was ten years old, and they divorced. Rose grew up in Seattle. At the age of 15, she emancipated herself from her parents and began pursuing a career in the film industry. She made her first appearance in 1992’s Pauly Shore comedy, Encino Man. Her acting in 1995’s The Doom Generation gained her national attention and led to her casting in the 1996 horror film, Scream. She continued to star in a variety of independent films throughout the 1990’s, including Southie, Lewis & Clark & George and 1998’s Phantoms. In 1998, Rose starred in the dark comedy Jawbreaker, but gained her biggest role three years later, when she was cast as Paige Matthews in the WB television series, Charmed. After the show ended in 2006, Rose continued to work, starring in Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez’s double feature, Grindhouse. Rose continued to appear in television and in films, appearing in such as Once Upon A Time, The Tell-Tale Heart and the Crackle television series, Chosen. Rose has appeared on tracks by Marilyn Manson and Brian Transeau, and has expressed interest in recording her own album.

Best Known For:
Rose McGowan is best known as an Actress, appearing in the WB series, Charmed, and in movies like The Doom Generation and Grindhouse.

Personal Life:
Rose was involved with rocker Marilyn Mansion in the 1990s. The couple was formally engaged for two years, but Rose ended the relationship over lifestyle differences. Rose was involved with director Robert Rodriguez from 2007 to 2009. After dating artist Davey Detail for a year, the couple was married in 2013.

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