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Jenelle Evans

Also Known As: Jen

Jenelle Evans
Courtesy of MTV

Date of Birth: December 19, 1991
Height: 5'1"
Hometown: Oak Island, North Carolina, United States
In a Relationship With:
Nathan Griffith
Best Quotes:

I mean, me and Andrew done it other times before I got on birth control and I didn’t get pregnant, so I thought, you know, why would it change now, that I would just suddenly get pregnant? But, I did.

He didn’t punch me, he slapped me and put me on the bed and his palm hit my jaw.

After working all day my mom was not in the mood to watch Jace tonight, but my friends are throwing a party and I’m going.

Jenelle Evans (born on December 19 1991 in Oak Island, North Carolina) is a reality television personality. She rose to fame in MTV’s hit shows 16 and Pregnant, where she chronicled the trials and tribulations faced as a pregnant teen. She then starred in Teen Mom 2, which documented her new life with her son, Jace. Jenelle has an impressive criminal record: she has been arrested for breaking and entering, drug possession, and assault. She is a notorious partier, drinker, and has run away from home before. In June 2012, she received breast implants. Currently, her mother has custody of her son Jace.

Best Known For:
Jenelle Evans is best known for starring on MTV’s Teen Mom 2.

Personal Life:
Jenelle Evans gave birth to Jace Vahn Evans in 2009, whose father is Jenelle’s ex-boyfriend, Andrew Lewis. Jenelle also dated Keiffer Delp, with whom she was arrested for breaking and entering and drug possession. In 2012, the reality star was engaged for two weeks to on-again off-again boyfriend, Gary Head, who has been arrested for assaulting Jennelle. Jenelle continues to waffle back and forth between Gary Head and Keiffer Delp, undecided as to which horrible relationship she would like to stay in forever and ever. Jenelle married Courtland Rogers in December 2012, after a whirlwind romance. Soon after, she suffered a miscarriage when she alleged Courtland assaulted her, and filed for divorce. She entered rehab in March 2013. Soon after going through recovery, she started dating Nathan Griffith. The pair announced Jenelle was pregnant again in Dec. 2013, and their son, Kaiser Griffith, arrived on June 30, 2014. After splitting from Nathan, Jenelle began dating David Eason, and their daughter, Ensley, was born in Jan. 2017.

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