Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans Breaks Silence on Husband David Eason’s Child Abuse Charges

The reality star's spouse was reportedly charged with alleged abuse in a case involving her 14-year-old son, Jace.

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David Eason, Jenelle Evans
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Jenelle Evans, 31, took to Instagram to share messages about her husband David Eason‘s reported child abuse charge. The Teen Mom 2 star’s spouse was charged with a misdemeanor in a case involving her son Jace, 14, after the teen ran away from home multiple times, according to TMZ, and she called the police investigation “one-sided” in her post.

“You would think police wouldn’t make a one sided police investigation,” her message began. “They didn’t conduct interviews, didn’t ask any information from the parents. This seems like a very bias situation like everytime before.”

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle’s message about David’s charge. (Courtesy of Instagram)

“I trusted that detective with all my heart,” she continued. “Forgot you can’t trust cops…silly me. I do not trust anyone around me. Going MIA for a while.” She concluded her message with a peace sign emoji.

Jenelle added a second message that further revealed her feelings and opinions about the charges. “Columbus County Sheriff’s Department I believe is the one doing the smearing campaign against my husband and needs to be held responsible,” she wrote. “Literally they told details to the media about a minor and gave no f***s. Have the emails to prove it. An open investigation is suppose to [sic] be kept private under all circumstances especially when it involves kids.”

“Let’s go to court,” she continued. “I’ve been waiting on our day. I feel so violated by the system. Wait until the day you hear the truth…you will be begging me not to sue you.”

Jenelle’s third message also included an alleged quote from a detective in the case. “‘I would never think that of you two. You guys are both great parents. Don’t believe the media, I’m telling you myself. Everything is okay on my end.’ Sureee Mr. Detective. Why is your office leaking everything?” she wrote. “‘It’s not our office, I swear it’s not coming from us… But your mom on the other hand…All she kept talking about was MTV this and MTV that,'” she added.

Jenelle’s messages come after Jace’s runaways made headlines over the past few weeks. The teen, whose father is Janelle’s ex Andrew Lewis, was reported missing by Jenelle three times over the course of about a month. TMZ first reported that the couple could face charges after an investigation was taking place earlier this month.

The outlet also reported that after Jace ran away, he reportedly told them that David, who is his stepdad, had assaulted him. There were reportedly visible marks on his neck and arm, and a claim was made that that there’s video of the alleged assault that cops have in their possession.

Jenelle regained custody of Jace from her mother, Barbara, earlier this year. The grandmother took custody of her grandson years ago after Jenelle was allegedly unable to properly care for him. Jenelle is also the mother of Kaiser Orion, 9, with her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith, and daughter Ensley Jolie, 6, with David.

After one of Jace’s runaways, Jenelle said her son was rebelling, in a message she shared to the public. “As a boy mom, kids can act up and rebel as I’m sure the majority of us all once did as kids too. Jace, got in trouble at school, we decided to take his phone away and that’s when he decided to run off,” she wrote.