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Amanda Seyfried

Also Known As: Karen in Mean Girls, Cosette in Les Miserables

Amanda Seyfried

Date of Birth: December 3, 1985
Height: 5'3"
Hometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
Best Quotes:

I’m just more attracted to actors. I like their choice to be artists -- that’s ballsy. And a guy who has such access to his emotional life is sexy. Or maybe because lots of the actors I know are so broken. I don’t think I’m compatible with anybody I’ve dated. Maybe I’m so attracted to actors because I’m not ready for the ‘settled down’ thing yet.

I’m too measured and controlling -- about everything. That’s why I take Lexapro. It’s for OCD. I don’t feel like I’m struggling with it. I think OCD is a part of me that protects me. It’s also the part of me that I use in my job, in a positive way.

It's really easy to avoid the tabloids. You just live your life and don't hang out with famous people who are in the tabloids. Don't do anything controversial and be a normal person. Have friends. And get a job and keep working.

Amanda Seyfried (born Amanda Michelle Seyfried in Allentown, Pennsylvania on December 3, 1985) is an actress, model, and singer. At 11 years old, she started her career as a model, and at 15, she moved into acting with roles on soap operas, As The World Turns and All My Children. Amanda’s big break came in 2004, when she made her film debut in Mean Girls. Since then, she has been cast in films like Mamma Mia!, Jennifer’s Body, Chloe, Dear John, Letters To Juliet, Red Riding Hood, In Time, Gone, and Les Miserables. She also starred in the HBO series, Big Love. Amanda has admitted to some personal struggles, including panic attacks, anxiety, and OCD.

Best Known For:
She is an actress, best known for her roles in Mean Girls and Les Miserables.

Personal Life:
Amanda had been dating Dominic Cooper for over two years when they broke up in 2010. In March 2011, she admitted she was dating Ryan Phillippe, but they broke up in May 2011, after dating for 8 months. Since then, she has also been linked to Josh Hartnett, James Franco, and Ben Barnes, then dated Justin Long from 2013-2015. After the split, she started dating Thomas Sadoski — they were engaged by Sept. 2016 and announced they’re expecting their first child in Nov. 2016.

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