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Kelly Osbourne Supports Mom Sharon While Dissing Ozzy With ‘Lemonade’ Message — Pic

Oh snap! Kelly Osbourne is NOT happy with her dad, Ozzy, for allegedly cheating on her mom, Sharon. And the TV personality is being anything but shy about where her loyalty lies. In a not-so-subtle Insta, Kelly totally called out her dad in an epic way while broadcasting her unwavering support for Sharon!

Kelly Osbourne, 31, has had enough! Amidst the vicious rumors claiming her father, Ozzy Osbourne, 67, cheated on her mother Sharon Osbourne, 63, Kelly has revealed whose side she’s really on — hint, it’s NOT Ozzy’s. Even better, the TV personality finally spoke out in the most upfront, hilarious way possible by referencing Beyonce‘s, 34, iconic Lemonade album — even posing with a lemon! Let’s just say, it’s more than a little obvious that she’s PISSED.

May 10, 2016
Sharon Osbourne Breaks Silence

Sharon Osbourne Breaks Her Silence On Ozzy Spilt On ‘The Talk’ — Watch Full Confession

Sharon Osbourne is a champ! The host opened up to the world on her show ‘The Talk’ about her recent split from her husband of 33 years, Ozzy Osbourne. This is the first time she has spoken publicly about their split since reports broke of his alleged affair.

Sharon Osbourne, 63, laid it all on the line on May 10. The host broke her silence on her talk show The Talk about her split from husband Ozzy Osbourne, 67. While she didn’t say exactly say what caused the breakup, she did dish a heck of a lot about her state of mind and where she plans to go from here. She wasn’t clear about whether they are just taking time apart or if there is an impending divorce on the horizon, but knowing Sharon, it ain’t over until it’s over!

May 10, 2016

Sharon Osbourne Feels Ozzy May Have Been Having Serious Longterm Affair

Sharon Osbourne may have taken Ozzy back in the past after he cheated but if her suspicions prove true that he’s had a longterm affair, then the marriage may be done forever.

Is Sharon Osbourne done with Ozzy Osbourne? The Talk host broke her silence on May 10 about Ozzy’s alleged affair with celebrity hair stylist Michelle Pugh and confirmed she did kick him out of their house and that they were not together right now. A source tells that Sharon has had a gut feeling for months that Ozzy might be stepping out on her and she’s strongly considering moving on from their marriage.

May 10, 2016
Kelly Osbourne Sharon Lemonade

Kelly Osbourne Gave Mom Sharon The Idea To Diss Ozzy With Lemonade On ‘The Talk’

Aw! Kelly Osbourne seems to be Team Sharon all the way since the reports of Ozzy’s cheating broke. On May 10, a source told EXCLUSIVELY that Kelly actually gave Sharon the idea to diss Ozzy on ‘The Talk’ with lemonade, and backed it up with her own Insta pic!

Sharon Osbourne, 63, had the ultimate low-key diss to Ozzy Osbourne, 67, during The Talk on May 10, and it was all her daughter Kelly’s idea! A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that she came up with the idea for Sharon to hold a glass of lemonade and talk about the cheating rumors, and Kelly showed her support by sharing a lemon pic of her own. Here’s the scoop!

May 10, 2016

Sharon Osbourne: Admits She Still ‘Loves Ozzy Dearly’ Even After Split

Sharon Osbourne got extremely candid during her return to ‘The Talk’ and confessed that she can’t help but love her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, even though they’re splitting up. Drinking a tall glass of lemonade with tears in her eyes, Sharon said she still ‘loves Ozzy dearly’!

Sharon Osbourne, 63, returned to The Talk on May 10 after taking a day off following the surfaced rumors she accused husband Ozzy Osbourne, 67, of allegedly cheating. Instead of going HAM on Ozzy, she said something shocking: she still loves Ozzy so much! Click through to read her explanation!

May 10, 2016
Sharon Osbourne Lemonade

Sharon Osbourne sips lemonade on 'The Talk.' (Image Courtesy of CBS)

Sharon Osbourne Disses Ozzy, Drinks Lemonade In First Appearance On ‘The Talk’

Sharon Osbourne pulled a page right out of Beyonce’s book by carrying a glass of lemonade when she returned to her center spot on ‘The Talk’ on May 10. It was her first day back to the show since she and Ozzy Osbourne allegedly broke up and she’s clearly confirming that he stepped out in her with this major statement.

Sharon Osbourne is done with Ozzy Osbourne … for now! The Talk host made her highly anticipated return on May 10 and she made sure to carry a tall glass of lemonade with her. Sharon, 63, spoke a lot about her split and told viewers that she did kick Ozzy out and she has since now moved out of the home they shared. She said she “doesn’t know” what she wants and has a lot to “process.”

May 10, 2016
Sharon Osbourne Lemonade

Sharon Osbourne sips lemonade on 'The Talk.' (Image Courtesy of CBS)

Sharon Osbourne Confirms She Kicked Ozzy Osbourne Out On First ‘Talk’ Appearance

Sharon Osbourne returned to ‘The Talk’ on the weekend after a cheating scandal erupted with her husband Ozzy. As she drank a big glass of lemonade, Sharon confirmed that she and her husband of 33 years are now living apart.

Sharon Osbourne, 63, was on the verge of tears during her return to The Talk on May 10 as she opened up for the very first time about her status with Ozzy Osbourne, 67. Get all of the details right here!

May 10, 2016

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