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Sharon Osbourne Returning To 'The X Factor'

Sharon Osbourne Officially Returning To ‘The X Factor’ — Keeping Busy After Ozzy Split?

Sharon’s not one to let her personal life get in the way of her career! The newly single lady officially has rejoined the U.K.’s ‘X-Factor’ as a judge !

Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne may be on the rocks, but her career is going strong! The Talk co-host is returning to co-host The X Factor alongside Nicole ScherzingerLouis Walsh, and creator Simon Cowell for season 13 — right in the middle of her nasty split from her husband.

June 1, 2016
Sharon Osbourne Divorcing Ozzy

Sharon Osbourne Ready To Divorce Ozzy: He Told Alleged Mistress He Loved Her

Oh, no. Are Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne really cutting the cord on their marriage? A new report claims that Ozzy told his alleged mistress that he ‘loved’ her, which sent Sharon shopping for divorce lawyers.

Sharon Osbourne, 63, could be preparing to officially put an end to her and 67-year-old Ozzy‘s marriage. The last straw for The Talk co-host? Unfortunately, it was reportedly hearing that her husband is claiming to be in love with the woman he allegedly had an affair with. So sad.

May 25, 2016
Kelly Osbourne Threatens Michelle Pugh

Kelly Osbourne Sends Warning To Ozzy’s Alleged Mistress: Don’t F*ck With My Momma

Whoa, Kelly Osbourne is very hot under the collar about Ozzy Osbourne’s alleged mistress Michelle Pugh! After going on a brutal Twitter rant against the stylist, Kelly explained she would defend Sharon to the death, saying ‘don’t f*ck with my momma’! Here’s the scoop.

Kelly Osbourne, 31, has her mom’s back no matter what! She’s clearly enraged that her dad Ozzy, 67, allegedly cheated on her mom Sharon, 63, with Michelle Pugh, 45, and on May 24 she’s defending her Twitter attack of the stylist by saying “don’t f*ck with my momma.” Yikes! See what she had to say about it, here.

May 24, 2016
Ozzy Osbourne Leaves Mistress

Ozzy Osbourne Leaves Alleged Mistress For Sharon: Can’t ‘Manage’ Life Without Her

Ozzy Osbourne has cut all ties to his alleged mistress, Michelle Pugh, in hopes of salvaging his broken marriage to Sharon Osbourne. The ‘Crazy Train’ singer ‘came to his senses’ and realized he can’t live without his wife!

Is there any hope for Sharon Osbourne, 63, and Ozzy Osbourne? The 67-year-old heavy metal icon sure thinks so, and he’s willing to prove it. Ozzy will do anything to save his 33-year-marriage, even vowing to never see his alleged mistress ever again!

May 19, 2016

Ozzy Osbourne Refuses To Dump His Mistress For Sharon Osbourne —Divorce Soon?

The world may think that Sharon Osbourne is the one calling all the shots in her marriage to Ozzy Osbourne but now a new report claims that Ozzy might not even want to get back together with Sharon and instead stay with his alleged mistress, Michelle Pugh!

Talk about a twist! Just when you thought Ozzy Osbourne was begging for his wife os 33 years, Sharon Osbourne, to take him back after his alleged cheating scandal, a new report claims we should all think again. It turns out the 67-year-old rocker likes his longtime hair colorist, Michelle Pugh, and allegedly is refusing to “break” things off with her. Yikes!

May 18, 2016
Proof Ozzy Osbourne Cheated

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne: How She & The Kids Found Proof Of His Alleged Affair

The story of how Sharon Osbourne allegedly discovered that Ozzy was cheating on her is even more shocking than we suspected! Click through for the details about the devastating moment.

Sharon Osbourne, 63, found out that her husband of 33 years, Ozzy Osbourne, 67, was allegedly cheating on her with the help of their kids, according to a report in Us Weekly. Sharon and Ozzy’s three kids, Aimee, 32, Kelly, 31, and Jack, 30, found shocking evidence that reportedly proved Ozzy had been stepping out on their mother! Read on for the details!

May 18, 2016
Kelly Osbourne Sharon Forgive Ozzy

Kelly Osbourne: Why She Thinks Sharon Should Forgive Ozzy After Cheating Scandal

Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Kelly is understandably upset at him for allegedly cheating on Sharon. However, we’ve learned that Kelly wants her mom to forgive and forget. Find out why!

Sharon Osbourne, 63, is being supported by her daughter Kelly, 31, after Ozzy Osbourne, 67, had an alleged affair with a hair stylist, but hears that what Kelly wants more than anything is for her family’s seams to be mended. Read on to see why Kelly believes Ozzy deserves forgiveness from Sharon!

May 16, 2016

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