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Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne (REX/Shuttershock)

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne ‘In Love Again’ After Split: How They Saved Marriage

Say what?! Only two months after Sharon Osbourne announced her split from Ozzy amidst cheating rumors, the two have reportedly rekindled their marriage! Are they really going to make it work this time? We’ve got all the details!

OMG! Sharon, 63, and Ozzy Osbourne, 67, have reportedly fallen in love.. again! The couple called it quits only two months after Ozzy’s humiliating cheating scandal flooded the news. But it seems that true love never really dies, as they have reportedly agreed to give it another try. We’ve got the 4-11 on how these endless lovers saved their marriage!

July 12, 2016
Sharon Osbourne Ozzy Renewing Vows

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Renewing Vows On 34th Wedding Anniversary?

Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne may not be headed for divorce after all! Despite the cheating scandal the couple faced just one month ago, we’re hearing they may be renewing their vows on their 34th wedding anniversary. Get the EXCLUSIVE details right here!

Is love going to prevail for Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne after all? The 67-year-old rocker couldn’t deny that he cheated on his wife of 33 years, but apparently he did something to win Sharon, 63, back. Instead of more cheating rumors just ahead of their 34th wedding anniversary, there’s word that Sharon and Ozzy are wanting to declare their love to each other once more!

June 21, 2016
Sharon Osbourne Wears Wedding Ring

Sharon Osbourne Wearing Wedding Ring Again After Ozzy Betrayal — See Pic

What’s that on your finger, Sharon Osbourne? When ‘The Talk’ host hit the ‘X Factor UK’ auditions, she hinted that her Ozzy Osbourne drama might not be as bad as it seems. Sharon was sporting something rather telling on her left hand: Her wedding ring! See a pic of it here!

Sharon Osbourne, 63, is sending some awfully mixed signals! Nearly one month after the 63-year-old announced her split from Ozzy Osbourne, 67, due to infidelity issues, she was spotted wearing her wedding ring to the X Factor UK auditions — clearly not trying to hide that she had it on. Could this mean that Ozzy’s cheating scandal is already behind them?

June 20, 2016
Summer 2016 Celebrity Relationships

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne split AND got back together all in summer 2016.

Sharon Osbourne Takes Ozzy Back, Kelly Reveals — Did He Finally Dump Alleged Mistress?

Are Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne together, again? According to their daughter, Kelly the two may have found a way to make it through his cheating scandal with Michelle Pugh and are ‘together right now.’ Kelly revealed just as much at an event on June 16 in Los Angeles, but how did they work it out?

Will Sharon Osbourne, 63, ever be ready to forgive and forget when it comes to Ozzy Osbourne, 67, who she made the heartbreaking decision to leave in May, after 33 years of marriage over an alleged cheating scandal? According to Kelly Osbourne, 31, she already has. Kelly made the big reveal in an interview, without saying how, but it seems like they’ve given their love another chance!

June 18, 2016
Sharon Osbourne Fangirls Ozzy

Sharon Osbourne Fangirls Over Ozzy During Performance — Back Together?

Is Sharon Osbourne ready to patch things up with her estranged husband? Based on the way she was gazing at Ozzy Osbourne from backstage during his recent performance, all signs point to a reunion between her and the Black Sabbath frontman.

Sharon Osbourne, 63, may  be ready to forgive and forget. In May, Sharon made the heartbreaking decision to leave her husband of 33 years, Ozzy Osbourne, 67, after an alleged cheating scandal. But photos of her looking on lovingly at Ozzy at his Black Sabbath performance in the UK this weekend show us she may be rethinking the separation.

June 13, 2016
Sharon Osbourne Returning To 'The X Factor'

Sharon Osbourne Officially Returning To ‘The X Factor’ — Keeping Busy After Ozzy Split?

Sharon’s not one to let her personal life get in the way of her career! The newly single lady officially has rejoined the U.K.’s ‘X-Factor’ as a judge !

Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne may be on the rocks, but her career is going strong! The Talk co-host is returning to co-host The X Factor alongside Nicole ScherzingerLouis Walsh, and creator Simon Cowell for season 13 — right in the middle of her nasty split from her husband.

June 1, 2016
Sharon Osbourne Divorcing Ozzy

Sharon Osbourne Ready To Divorce Ozzy: He Told Alleged Mistress He Loved Her

Oh, no. Are Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne really cutting the cord on their marriage? A new report claims that Ozzy told his alleged mistress that he ‘loved’ her, which sent Sharon shopping for divorce lawyers.

Sharon Osbourne, 63, could be preparing to officially put an end to her and 67-year-old Ozzy‘s marriage. The last straw for The Talk co-host? Unfortunately, it was reportedly hearing that her husband is claiming to be in love with the woman he allegedly had an affair with. So sad.

May 25, 2016

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