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EXCLUSIVE: Lourdes Leon Confesses That She Loves To Raid Cool Mom Madonna's Closet!

Find out what items the teen loves to try on from her mom’s cool collection of clothing & accessories!

Lourdes Leon seems so down to earth, but as sweet as she may be she definitely isn’t your average teenager! She already started her career designing with some help from her superstar mom Madonna and balances work with her day-to-day role as a public school student in NYC, which she said she “loves” — but the thing I’m definitely most envious of is the access she has to her mom’s amazing wardrobe! If I walked around in Madonna’s closet I don’t know what I would want to try on first — but Lourdes already found a weakness for her mom’s covetable shoe collection! See what the mother-daughter duo had to say!

September 23, 2010

Did Lourdes Leon Get Extensions? Her Hair Looks So Long and Thick!

Madonna’s daughter was spotted on the streets with suspiciously fuller hair. Is it fake or real?

Fans of Madonna would recognize the star and her beautiful children almost anywhere, especially eldest daughter and budding fashionista Lourdes Leon. But we did a double-take when we saw this new pic of her — the Material Girl designer appears to be rocking a much fuller, longer hairstyle!

September 7, 2010

Yikes! Lourdes Leon is Doing Dance, Piano & Acting Lessons! Is Madonna Putting Too Much Pressure on Her?

Hey Madonna, are you overscheduling your 13-year-old daughter and stressing her out?

Every mom thinks their child is talented, but it seems like Madonna is going way overboard by sending her daughter Lourdes Leon, to tons of after-school classes: The 13-year-old (who just launched the Material Girl fashion line with her mom) is taking dance, piano, acting lessons and well as Spanish and Italian classes. We’re exhausted just thinking about it!
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August 5, 2010

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