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Sister Wives Family Tragedy

‘Sister Wives’: Kody’s Father’s Death Postpones Commitment Ceremony

The Browns suffer their second family tragedy in two months. Watch a clip from this week’s heartbreaking episode.

Kody Brown has never been shy about his love for his wives — all four of them — so it’s no surprise he’s decided to throw a massive commitment ceremony on TLC’s Sister Wives. Unfortunately, an unexpected family crisis on the Feb. 9 episode forces the Browns to put aside their plans.

February 9, 2014

‘Sister Wives’ Recap — The Wives Bond On Road Trip To San Francisco

In the latest episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn take a road trip to San Francisco to buy dresses for their upcoming commitment ceremony, leaving Kody at home to watch the kids. While the wives work on their relationships on the girls’ getaway, Kody does his best to care for his 15 children — but he’s definitely in over his head!

Kody Brown and his wives MeriJanelleChristine, and Robyn each have a challenge to face during the Jan. 19 episode of TLC’s Sister Wives. While the wives may consider themselves “sisters,” they’ve never exactly been close, so they’re all nervous about spending so much time together on their four-day trip — especially without Kody around to be a buffer. Meanwhile, this is the longest Kody has ever been left alone with his big brood, and he’s worried he won’t be able to manage without his wives’ help.  Thankfully, he has a plan — and a teenage daughter, Aspyn, to help out!

January 20, 2014
Sister Wives Season Finale

‘Sister Wives’ Season 4 Finale — Does Kody Brown Want A 5th Wife?

We had double the fun with the Brown family on Sept. 22! In the first half of the special two-part season four finale of ‘Sister Wives,’ Kody and his wives throw some therapy at their marital problems when they go on a ‘couples’ retreat — if you can even call it that! Later, the Browns sit down to answer all your burning questions about their relationships, and some of their answers may surprise you!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching TLC’s Sister Wives over the years, it’s that it is possible to have a strong, successful plural marriage. Still, every relationship comes with its own set of problems and the Browns’ unique union is no exception. In the two-hour season finale, Kody Brown and his wives Meri, 42, Janelle, 44, Christine, 41, and Robyn meditate, hike and sculpt to help solve their deepest struggles. But does getting their zen on do the trick? Read on for more details!

September 22, 2013
Sister Wives Debate

‘Sister Wives’: The Brown Family Battles Anti-Polygamists

Uh oh! Things get heated when the Browns participate in an intense debate with former polygamists who have denounced their old lives. The hardest part about the panel is that one of the wives has to face off against an estranged family member. Find out who!

In the latest episode of TLC’s Sister Wives, Kody Brown and his wives Meri, 42, Janelle, 44, Christine, 41, and Robyn join a panel discussion in hopes of enlightening others about polygamy. The bad news is, they have to plead their case against a group of passionate anti-polygamists — including Christine’s estranged aunt! Read on for more details!

September 15, 2013
Sister Wives A Wife Decides

‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Meri Makes A Choice About Robyn’s Surrogacy Offer

Now that the Browns are finally settled in their new homes, they can focus on making other big moves — and big decisions. As the family business starts to gain momentum and Kody Brown plans unique Mother’s Day gifts for each of his wives, Meri reveals her answer to Robyn’s offer to be her surrogate.

The latest episode of TLC’s Sister Wives kicks off with Kody Brown and his wives Meri, 42, Janelle, 44, Christine, 41, and Robyn celebrating their newly achieved closeness by burning Kody’s overnight bag. To them, the bag was representative of Kody’s detachment from the family as he hustled all over town from house to house. Now that the worst is behind them, the Browns are ready to think about the future — especially Meri, who finally decides whether she wants to have another baby with Kody. Read on to find out her final answer!

September 9, 2013
Sister Wives Polygamy Questions Answered

‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Four Brown Wives Admit They’re Still Jealous Of Each Other

Janelle gets teary-eyed talking about her weight struggles, Kody hates his daughter’s revealing clothing, and the Brown boys say they’re into polygamy! Read on to find out more as the Browns revealed all kinds of details in this special episode of ‘Sister Wives’!

In the latest episode of TLC’s Sister WivesKody Brown, his wives Meri, 42, Janelle, 44, Christine, 41, and Robyn, and their kids field questions from curious viewers about their unique lifestyle. Read on for the answers to all of your questions about polygamy!

September 2, 2013

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