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Sister Wives Preview Kody Brown Beautiful Troubling

‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Kody Brown Reveals Plural Marriage Is ‘Beautiful’ & ‘Troubling’

Kody Brown and the sister wives are ready to show all the Browns how the family came together on the July 20 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ In a clip of Kody and the wives, Kody reveals that having plural marriage is both ‘beautiful’ and ‘troubling.’ Watch the clip below!

Kody Brown and the sister wives are finally telling the entire Brown family in the July 20 episode of Sister Wives just how each wife came to be a part of the enormous family. In a clip of Kody and the wives, Kody reveals that being a part of this polygamist family is both “beautiful” and “troubling!”

July 20, 2014
Sister Wives Browns Meet Richards

‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Polygamist Family Reveals They Know Sister Wives Sharing Same Bed With Husband

The Browns were in for some shockers when they finally met up with the Richards, a polygamous family in Springfield, Missouri, including the revelation that there are sisters wives who all sleep together in the same bed with their husband- ewww!

When Kody Brown and his four sister wives packed 13 of their kids into two RVs and traveled 1,400 miles to meet a “biblical” polygamist family, they wanted to know if they were “cool or backwoods weird.” Fortunately, when the Browns finally pull up to the Richard homestead, they prove to be surprisingly “normal”, though you do immediately wonder how dad Nathanael, wife #1, Rebecca, and wife #2, Christina, managed to pack 9 kids into what looks like a tiny mobile home.

July 14, 2014
Sister Wives Plural Marriage

‘Sister Wives’ Clip: The Wives Reveal Why They Chose Plural Marriage

In a new clip of ‘Sister Wives,’ the wives tell all about why they chose polygamy and what it means to be in a plural marriage. Their answers might surprise you! Watch the clip below!

The idea of polygamy and plural message is shocking to most people — there’s no question about it. However, in an all-new clip of Sister Wives, the wives reveal why they chose the polygamist lifestyle with Kody Brown and what it means to be in a plural marriage. Watch the video below!

July 13, 2014
Sister Wives Polygamous Family

‘Sister Wives’ Family Goes Polygamous & Proud On Road Trip

Hooray for the Brown family, who finally feel free to travel cross-country and not hide their five-way marriage. The July 6 episode celebrated their freedom from fear and you could feel their relief as they came out of hiding.

Whether you approve of the Sister Wives family’s polygamous lifestyle or not, you can almost taste their feelings of freedom as Kody Brown, his wives, and 13 of their kids, hit the road on a spring break trip to Missouri in this July 6 episode.

July 7, 2014
Sister Wives Clip Garrison Lashes Out

‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Garrison Lashes Out At Ysabel

Kody and the wives had a big problem on their hands on the July 6 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ Janelle’s son Garrison lashed out at Christine’s daughter Ysabel, resulting in some tension within the family. Watch the clip below!

With four wives and lots of kids, there’s bound to be drama. On the July 6 episode of Sister Wives, Kody and the wives had to deal with Janelle’s son Garrison lashing out at Christine’s little Ysabel. Kody set him straight in the new clip, but the wives are trying to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Check out the exclusive clip below!

July 6, 2014
Sister Wives Aspyn Polygamist

‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Will Kody’s Daughter Aspyn Be A Polygamist?

On the June 29 episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ it was Kody Brown’s daughter Aspyn who weighed in on her lifestyle choices. Surprisingly, Kody remained calm through the episode, and he seemed to genuinely support whatever decision any of his 17 kids make. Take a look at the new clip!

Sister Wives has proven countless times just how different their American family is from the rest. In the latest episode on June 29, Kody’s daughter Aspyn opens up about her feelings about keeping with the families traditions. Of course her father Kody Brown just had to weigh in on the situation with his wives. Check out this new clip from the June 29 episode!

June 29, 2014
Sister Wives Recap Kody Betrays Robyn

‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Robyn Reveals, ‘I Thought Kody Brown Betrayed Me’

Emotions ran high on last night’s episode as Kody Brown, the wives, and kids were all reduced to tears, revealing how terrorized they’d felt about being persecuted for polygamy.

Sister WivesKody Brown, his four wives, and 17 kids, finally felt safe enough to break down talking about the daily fear they’d felt before they escaped Utah and moved to Las Vegas. It was like the family was so traumatized by their dramatic escape from authorities who were prosecuting them for polygamy, that they could only start dealing with their feelings now.

June 23, 2014

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