Christine Brown Admits She’s ‘Scared’ of Dating: Kody’s the ‘Only Guy I’ve Ever Kissed’

In the new episode of 'Sister Wives,' Christine Brown talks about dating for the first time after splitting from Kody Brown.

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Christine Brown
Image Credit: TLC

Christine Brown is looking ahead to her life without Kody Brown. In the September 24 episode of Sister Wives, Christine, 51, tells daughters Aspyn and Mykelti that she’s been talking to a matchmaker. This is Christine’s first foray into dating since she left Kody, 54.

“I’m super nervous about dating,” the mom-of-six admits. “Super nervous about dating, and I’m not ready. I didn’t have a great intimate marriage at all, and so the idea of putting myself out there again… just, no. I’m not ready.”

Kody Brown
Kody Brown in the September 24 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

Christine has an idea of a man she could see herself with moving forward. She reveals she wants a guy who is bald, has tattoos, and drives a motorcycle. “I’m just looking for something that Kody never was because I just want someone who’s a partner, a good communicator, someone who’s funny. I’d love a sense of humor,” she says.

While spending time with her kids, Christine declares she’s “done with the polygamy thing.” Mykelti’s husband, Tony, asks her if she’s concluded that polygamy doesn’t work.

“Not for me. It did [work]. I’m not gonna say it didn’t because I’m not gonna regret where I am, you know?” she replies. “All of you guys are because of polygamy, so I don’t regret it at all.”

However, she does confess to her kids that she’s “scared” about dating. “He’s the only guy I’ve ever kissed,” Christine says about Kody. Christine spiritually married Kody in 1994 when she was just 22 years old and became his third wife. They split in 2021 after over 25 years together.

She continues, “Oh my, God, what if I suck at kissing? What if I suck at everything like that? I don’t know. I know that someone didn’t like it. Do you see why it’s scary? Do you see why it is terrifying? It is terrifying.”

In her confessional, Christine admits that the “biggest reason” she left Kody was because she “didn’t want to be in a marriage where my kids would know that I was married to someone who wasn’t attracted to me. So leaving was the choice because I wasn’t going to stay in a marriage like that, and I wasn’t going to show my kids that that was acceptable. Because it’s not.”

As we all know, Christine does find love again. She’s currently engaged to David Woolley. New episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays on TLC and Max.