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Christine Brown

Also Known As: Chris

Christine Brown
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Date of Birth: April 18, 1972
Height: 5'4"
Hometown: Lehi, Utah, United States
In a Relationship With:
Kody Brown
Best Quotes:

"I wanted sister wives more than a husband. I don't want to raise kids on my own."

"So everyone knows, I am a really grouchy whiney baby poopy pants in our episode tonight. It's so embarrassing. I am dreading you seeing it."

Christine Brown (born Christine on April 18, 1972 in Wyoming), is a reality TV star. She is seen on TLC’s show Sister Wives, which began in 2010. She is the third wife of Kody Brown. The family of four wives and Kody have a combined 17 kids together. Christine was raised in a polygamist family herself, and relies heavily on her family. She became a real estate agent with sister wife Janelle when the family moved to Las Vegas.

Best Known For:
Christine Brown is best known for appearing on TLC‘s reality TV show Sister Wives. She is the third wife of the show’s star, Kody Brown. The pair have six children together.

Personal Life:
Christine Brown is the third wife of Kody Brown. The pair married in 1994 and have six children together: Aspyn, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely. Christine has expressed that her relationship with Kody and her sister wives was “dwindling” and even considered divorce, but worked things out with the family.

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