Sister Wives’ Kody Praises Christine for Being ‘Brave Enough’ to End Their Marriage When He ‘Wasn’t in Love’

The former family patriarch also admitted that he ‘tried to love’ Christine, but ‘it just wasn’t working at the time.’ 

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Kody Brown, Christine Brown
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Kody Brown is giving credit where credit is due. During the December 31 Sister Wives: Look Back special, the former family patriarch praised his ex-wife Christine Brown for being “brave enough” to end their marriage when he “wasn’t in love with her.” 

“I wasn’t in love with her. As much as I tried to love her, it just wasn’t working all the time,” Kody 54, admitted, while adding that he was “just glad that she was brave enough to do it.”  Since the TLC personality was “not really allowed” to break off their relationship due to the rules of polygamy, he called himself “the prisoner” in their spiritual marriage. 

“I’m the prisoner here,” Kody noted. “When a polygamist husband goes, ‘Hey, listen. I can’t deal with this woman anymore,’ he goes through the church authority channel. It’s like, ‘I just can’t do this anymore.’ And they’ll say to him, ‘Dude, you’re stuck. You don’t have that choice.’ Once we’ve committed to marrying a woman, the choice is gone.” 

Christine Brown

While reflecting on the moment when she broke things off with Kody, Christine, 51, said, “That conversation felt so good in the end. It felt so good. I remember when that conversation was over, I was like, ‘Yes, it was [harrowing]. And yes, it was hard. But he agreed I could go.’”

“I stopped focusing on him, and I started focusing on me and my life and my kids,” she said. “It was that day and I loved that day.” 

Kody and Christine announced their split in November 2021, though their breakup didn’t unfold until the following year when season 17 aired in 2022. In the months that followed, Kody also split from his wives Janelle Brown and Meri Brown. The only wife remaining is Robyn Brown, whom Christine claimed was Kody’s “favorite wife” on multiple occasions. 

Now, Christine is married to her new husband, David Woolley. Their wedding was featured during a recent episode of Sister Wives. The only former sister wife who attended Christine’s wedding was Janelle, 54. 

The newlyweds had a whirlwind romance, going public with their relationship in February 2023. Two months later, they announced their engagement in April 2023, and they exchanged vows by the end of the year.