Christine Brown Admits She Feared Losing ‘Independence’ In Monogamous Marriage to David Woolley

The 'Sister Wives' star gushed about her husband in an Instagram post, about two months after getting married to her second husband.

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christine brown
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Christine Brown is still over the moon with David Woolley! The Sister Wives star, 51, wrote a loving tribute to her husband of two months on Instagram on Wednesday, December 6. After being in a non-monogamous relationship with Kody Brown, 54, for nearly 30 years, Christine admitted that she was skeptical about being monogamous, but she’s since revealed that she’s found that she’s so happy.

Christine posted a gorgeous selfie of herself with a picturesque view of some mountains in the background, and in the caption, she opened up about how her worries about monogamy have been proven wrong since she married David. “I was always concerned I would lose my independence in monogamy. I realized the other day, being married to the right person (David for me!) that I am more independent than I ever was,” she wrote.

Besides gushing about David, Christine also included a bunch of hashtags to further demonstrate how empowered she feels in her new marriage. She included the hashtags “strong woman”, “independent”, “stronger than ever”, and “blessed.”

Christine and David got married back in October, after a six month engagement. Since they started dating and even more since tying the knot, the TLC star has regularly shared her love for David on social media. During their engagement, Christine wrote an adorable message for her then-fiancé on social media before their wedding. “I’m excited to be marrying @david__woolley, he loves spending time with me every day, doesn’t play games with my heart and wants me to be me,” she wrote in September.

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David has also shared his love for the Sister Wives star on social media a few times since they started dating. In November, he posted a few selfies that the two of them took during a trip to New York City and admitted that he loves taking trips with his new wife. “I always wanted a traveling partner, I never expected I’d find the whole package,” he wrote. “I love being married to this woman!”