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Rumer Willis Broadway Debut

Demi & Bruce Overjoyed Over Rumer Willis’ Broadway Debut In ‘Chicago’ After Injury

Rumer Willis finally made her Broadway debut! Hopefully, nobody told her to ‘break a leg.’ A stress fracture in her foot delayed Rumer from joining the cast of ‘Chicago,’ but she finally made it — and her proud parents, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, were there to cheer her on!

Welcome to Broadway, Rumer Willis! The 27-year-old made her long-awaited debut in the Big Apple’s production of Chicago. The theater was packed with people waiting to see the Dancing With The Stars champ take the stage, including her two biggest fans: father Bruce Willis, 60, and her mother, Demi Moore, 52!

September 22, 2015
Demi Moore Dead Body Found Pool

Demi Moore: Dead Man’s Body Found In Her Pool

How horrifying. The body of a 21-year-old man was found dead in Demi Moore’s pool at her Beverly Hills home on July 19, and has EXCLUSIVE details straight from the scene.

This is so shocking. Police discovered a 21-year-old’s dead body in Demi Moore’s swimming pool on July 19. A party was thrown at Demi’s house while she wasn’t home, and the young man apparently drowned in the pool. has learned EXCLUSIVE details about the situation.

July 19, 2015
Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher Wedding Mila Kunis

Demi Moore Forbids Loved Ones From Talking About Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis’ Wedding

Poor Demi Moore! It’s been two years since she & Ashton Kutcher divorced, but the actress is still hung up over her ex-husband. Apparently the news of Ashton & Mila’s nuptials hurt her so much, Demi banned friends & family from even mentioning them.

Any mentions of Ashton Kutcher, 37, and Mila Kunis’, 31, recent nuptials are not welcomed in Demi Moore’s, 52, home! Everyone has been happily talking about the couple’s wedding over the 4th of July weekend, but there are a handful of people who aren’t allowed to speak of it and we’re not talking about the couple’s wedding guests!

July 7, 2015
demi moore bikini body

Demi Moore Shows Off Amazing 52-Year-Old Bikini Body With Daughters — Pic

Hot mama! Chilling poolside with her 20-something-year-old daughters, Demi Moore was hardly distinguishable from Tallulah and Scout Willis as she flaunted her bangin’ bod!

Demi Moore has always been in stupendous shape. But at 52 years old, it was more noticeable than ever as she stood bikini-clad next to her kids, Tallulah Willis, 21, and Scout Willis, 23, in a June 21 Instagram pic. Looking at the photo, you would think Miss Moore is their sister — not their mother! Flaunting her tiny waist and shredded abs in a sexy swimsuit, Demi proved yet again that she has a figure to rival women half her age. Get it, girl!

June 23, 2015
demi moore dancing with the stars

Demi Moore To Join ‘DWTS’?: Rumer Willis’ Mom Ready To Hit The Ballroom — Report

Like Daughter, Like Mother? Demi Moore watched her daughter, Rumer Willis, dance her way to the ‘DWTS’ championship. Now, Rumer’s mom is considering a turn in the ballroom, according to a new report!

Talk about following in someone’s footsteps! Rumer Willis, 26, won both Season 20 of Dancing With The Stars and the hearts of all her fans! One of her biggest supporters throughout the whole competition was her mom, Demi Moore, 52. After Rumer took home the mirror ball trophy, it might now be Demi’s turn, as she’s reportedly thinking about joining DWTS!

June 10, 2015
Rumer Willis Demi Moore Same Outfit

Rumer Willis & Demi Moore (Courtesy of Instagram)

Demi Moore Vs. Rumer Willis: Who Wore Jumpsuit Better?

OMG, twinning! Demi Moore and Rumer Willis, look totally identical in this new Instagram photo! The mom and daughter duo are both wearing the same jumpsuit while posing side-by-side, and the resemblance is uncanny. But now the question is — who rocked the look best?

No need to do a double take, that actually is 52-year-old Demi Moore looking identical to her 26-year-old daughter, Rumer WillisWhile spending time together over the weekend, the ladies wore matching outfits…and it’s pretty amazing. Vote here on who wore the blue jumpsuit better!

May 26, 2015
Demi Moore Bruce Willis DWTS

Bruce Willis supports his daughter Rumer Willis on 'DWTS' (Image Courtesy of Instagram)

Rumer Willis Shares Sweet Moment With Demi Moore & Bruce At ‘DWTS’ — Pic

Talk about a family reunion! When Rumer Willis took home the mirror ball on the May 20 finale of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ her entire family came out — and they posed for a super cute pic.

Bruce Willis crying, Demi Moore celebrating, and Tallulah and Scout screaming for their sis — it’s easy to say that Rumer Willis has quite the support team behind her. The whole family was getting choked up during the season 20 finale of Dancing with the Stars — Bruce even had tears in his eyes. It’s so nice to see that Bruce and Demi could put their differences aside to support their daughter!

May 20, 2015

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