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Cher To Perform On ‘Today’ Show For The First Time In September

Cher may have initially said farewell to performing in 2005 but the legendary singer is back! In a new interview on the ‘Today’ show July 1, the singer opened up about the DOMA ruling, her son, and a special first time performance.

Much to our delight, Cher isn’t saying goodbye to performing just yet. On the Today show July 1, the singer and Oscar winner talked about an exciting upcoming performance that she may need a “stretcher” for! Say what?

July 1, 2013
Cher Hair The Voice

Cher’s Hair On ‘The Voice’ Finale — Love Or Loathe? Vote

Cher is known for her um…interesting fashion and beauty choices — and she didn’t disappoint on ‘The Voice’ finale on June 18! Cher was sporting quite the unique hairdo. Did you love or loathe her look? Tell us below.

Cher was just supposed to be a guest performer on the June 18 season finale of The Voice last night, but her hair ended up stealing the show! Cher was wearing crazy colors and rocking some heavy styling in order to create her totally distinctive look. How do you feel about it? Sound off!

June 19, 2013
Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono Says 'DWTS' Brought Him Closer to Mom Cher!

After getting the boot from ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ Chaz told the ladies of ‘The View’ that the show changed his life!

Chaz Bono faced some harsh criticism throughout his Dancing with the Stars run — first for his sexuality, and then for being overweight! However, Chaz, 42, told The View on Oct. 27 that the negativity was just a “teeny little part of it”, and said that the comments were “really miniscule in everything I’ve gained.”

October 27, 2011

‘DWTS’ Recap: Ricki Lake Scores The First 10s Of The Season & Cher Cheers On Chaz!

Unfortunately there were no nip slips or gassy moments on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Oct. 10, but there were some super entertaining dances and one incredibly famous audience member!

After last week’s night of nearly flawless dances, there were a few major screw ups on Dancing with the Stars Oct. 10. Chynna Phillips forgot her moves and Chaz Bono left much to be desired. However, Ricki Lake scored the first 10s of the season and Carson Kressley had me buckled up with a fit of giggles with his animated pirate jig. Plus, the one and only Cher made her first appearance on the reality show to support her son.

October 11, 2011

Chaz Bono Admits Dad Sonny Used To Call Him 'Fred!' And, The Jolie-Pitts Call Shiloh, 'John!' Is There A Link?

More similarities between Chaz and Shiloh are popping up. The son of Cher and Sonny Bono admits he used to like being called ‘Fred’ while growing up — as a girl. And we know Shiloh wants to be called ‘John.’

Brad Pitt confessed to Oprah in 2008 that his daughter Shiloh, 5, with Angelina Jolie, insists on being called John.  “John, I’m John,” he explained, “It’s a Peter Pan thing.” Well, it must have been a Flinstones thing for Chaz Bono, 42, when he grew up as Chasity, because he liked being called “Fred!”

May 27, 2011

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