Cher Admits She’s Having ‘Personal Problems’ As She Apologizes To Fans For Being ‘MIA’

Cher admitted that she's struggling with 'personal problems' right now as she admits that these years are the 'worst I've ever seen.'

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Even the most fabulous people like Cher go through rough patches. The 75-year-old singer opened up to her fans about how times have been tough for her. “Sorry I’ve Been MIA,” she tweeted. “Been having Personal Problems.” She didn’t just leave it at that though. When one fan asked if she was doing ok, she unleashed her emotions and opened up about the extent of her problems.

“YA KNOW…NO,” she responded. “WE ALL😭,BUT SOMETIMES,WE😭A DIFFERENT KIND OF TEARS.TEARS THAT HURT.WE BECOME OVERWHELMED, REACH A LIMIT..THEN ARE FORCED 2 PUSH THAT LIMIT.” While it definitely seems like she has some “Personal Problems” as she noted, she also hinted that the current state of the world is contributing to those feelings– and that’s something we all can relate to.

“IVE BEEN ALIVE SINCE THE YEAR DOT,” she continued, “& THESE YRS ARE THE WORST IVE EVER SEEN,..ADD FAMILY TO THAT,& ITS RECIPE FOR DIASTER CAKE.” The “Believe” singer has also lost a number of dear ones in recent times. She paid tribute to Meatloaf when he passed remembering their collaboration on “Dead Ringer” and Olympia Dukakis, who played her mother in the film Moonstruck.

She even had the honor of singing for the late Betty White’s special titled Celebrating Betty White: America’s Golden Girl. Cher gave her own rendition of the Golden Girls theme song “Thank You For Being A Friend” on the sound stage where the sitcom used to film. She also has made it known that she was unhappy during Donald Trump’s presidency, condemning him for the rise in Asian hate crimes and accusing him of sabotaging the postal system. 

Regardless of her woes, the “In His Kiss” singer has still got it. She recently posed with Saweetie for a MAC campaign and she looked nothing short of fabulous. Cher killed it with her bright blue and white eyeshadow and pink shimmery lip, channeling her iconic disco days. Her long black hair silhouetted Saweetie who looked just as sexy with a smokey eye and red lip.