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Chelsea Handler Abortion

Chelsea Handler’s Heartbreaking Confession: I Had Two Abortions At 16

Whoa — Chelsea Handler has revealed she had two abortions at the age of 16 in an emotional essay for ‘Playboy’ magazine. She admits she was in a very bad stage in life and acted irresponsibly, but is thankful she had the legal right to abortions.

Chelsea Handler, 41, has spoken out in the new Freedom Issue of Playboy magazine. The comedian admits that she “hated” her parents and was “having unprotected sex” at the age of sixteen — and it led to her undergoing two abortions in the same year. Check out her heart-wrenching essay right here.

June 28, 2016
Michael Strahan Doesn't Miss Live With Kelly

Michael Strahan Dissing Kelly Ripa?: Admits He Doesn’t Miss Being On ‘Live!’

Wow, Michael Strahan has admitted he doesn’t miss doing ‘Live! With Kelly and Michael.’ In fact, the star says he’s even been enjoying the break from the talk show he hosted with Kelly Ripa. Ouch.

Michael Strahan, 44, isn’t missing his old gig on Live! With Kelly and Michael. He even admitted to Chelsea Handler, 41, on June 22 that he is loving being off the talk show he led with former co-host Kelly Ripa, 45. has the scoop on how Michael really feels now that he’s stepped away from the show.

June 23, 2016
Chelsea Handler Bra Beach

Chelsea Handler Wears Her Bra To The Beach — See The Pics

Whoops! Chelsea Handler totally rocked a sexy bra at the beach after forgetting to pack an actual bikini. Click inside to SEE PICS!

Chelsea Handler, 41, is proving that sometimes you have to improvise while using your underwear. While on vacation in Mexico, the comedienne had a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction, per se, when she had to wear a bra to the beach instead of a swimsuit. Eek!

March 28, 2016
Chelsea Handler Kanye West Maniac

Chelsea Handler Slams Kanye West As ‘Delusional Maniac’ Who Will Have A Mental Breakdown’

Don’t worry, Taylor Swift! Chelsea Handler is ready to come to your defense! After Kanye West’s crazy Twitter antics and provocative song lyrics about the singer were released, the comedian now believes that the rapper is truly a maniac.

Chelsea Handler, 40, is not jumping on the Kanye West, 38, bandwagon anytime soon! The Chelsea Does host had a thing or two to say about the rapper’s claims that he made Taylor Swift, 26, famous. Watch what she says here.

February 23, 2016
Justin Bieber Chelsea Handler Diss

Justin Bieber’s Shocking Response To ‘Smart Ass’ Chelsea Handler’s Diss

On Jan. 24, Chelsea Handler called out Justin Bieber for being her worst interview ever! So how does JB, who was on her show a number of times, feel about the diss? has the EXCLUSIVE answer, right here!

Oh boy! What did Justin Bieber, 21, think of Chelsea Handler, 40, saying he was her worst interview ever? Chelsea went so far as to say the multiple-appearance guest made her feel “like a child molester,” and that made the Biebs feel some type of way, a source told EXCLUSIVELY. Here’s how the comment affected Justin.

January 25, 2016
Justin Bieber Chelsea Handler Worst Interview

Chelsea Handler Disses Justin Bieber As Worst Interview Ever: It Was So ‘Uncomfortable’

Of all the people whom Chelsea Handler’s interviewed, one stands out as the worst: Justin Bieber! Chelsea dished that Justin’s excessive flirting was beyond uncomfortable, and made her wish the interview never happened!

Chelsea Handler, 40, told Variety while at Sundance on Saturday, January 23 that Justin Bieber, 21, is the worst guest she ever had the displeasure of interviewing on Chelsea Lately! The talk show host and star of Chelsea Does explained that Justin has a habit of um, being very flirty, and she just couldn’t take it from someone who was that young. It wasn’t sexy to her, it was really, really icky!

January 24, 2016
Chelsea Handler Disses Mariah Carey

Chelsea Handler Blasts Mariah Carey’s Engagement: Why Do People Propose To Her?

Mariah Carey’s fans are totally ecstatic for the singer following news of her engagement to James Packer on Jan. 21, but one person who isn’t sending their congratulations is Chelsea Handler. The comedienne totally dissed Mariah on Twitter! See what she had to say right here.

Chelsea Handler, 40, is definitely NOT a fan of Mariah Carey, 45. The 40-year-old had some harsh words to share after news broke that the singer had gotten engaged for the third time on Jan. 21, and she wrote it for the world to see right on Twitter! But was she being super rude, or is it totally hilarious? Check out the tweet and let us know what ya think!

January 22, 2016

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