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Debra Messing Tony Awards

Debra Messing’s Pretty Bun At Tony Awards — Hairstylist Shares How To

10 months ago 1
Debra's beautiful bun can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion. Hairstylist Ted Gibson created the look for Debra for the 2013 Tony Awards… Read Article ▶
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Smash Series Finale

‘Smash’ Series Finale Recap: Babies, Handcuffs & Twists At The Tonys

11 months ago 17
Stop reading now if you haven't seen the final episode of 'Smash.' Spoilers ahead! NBC lowered the curtains on Smash for the final time May 26, with… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of NBC
Debra Messing Divorcce

Debra Messing Files For Divorce

2 years ago 0
Debra Messing officially files for divorce from ex Daniel Zelman. She's asking for spousal and child support! Six months after announcing her… Read Article ▶
Smash Season Finale

'Smash' Season Finale Recap: [Spoiler] Is Cast As Marilyn

2 years ago 56
A star is born! Do you think the right girl was chosen? Not only was the May 14 season finale of Smash the best episode since its critically… Read Article ▶

'Smash' Recap: Ivy & Karen Team Up Against Rebecca

2 years ago 1
Hell hath no fury like two potential understudies scorned! Rebecca better watch her back. Just when you thought Ellis (Jaime Cepero) was the worst… Read Article ▶

'Smash' Recap: Ivy's Addiction Spirals Out Of Control

2 years ago 5
Plus, the truth about Julia & Michael finally comes out! "Hell on Earth" couldn't have been a more appropriate title for the April 2 episode of Smash… Read Article ▶

'Smash' Recap: Karen Attempts To Steal Back 'Marilyn'

2 years ago 8
Did this week's 'Smash' sway you from Team Ivy to Team Karen? And more importantly, does anyone NOT hate Ellis? After weeks of watching Ivy (Megan… Read Article ▶

'Smash' Scoop: Julia's Husband Will Seek Revenge When Her Affair Is Exposed

2 years ago 1
Brian D'arcy James tells that Frank won't take Julia's affair with Michael lying down. (Puns are fun!) I hope Julia (Debra Messing)… Read Article ▶

'Smash' Recap: Leo Catches Julia Kissing Michael

2 years ago 1
'Let's Be Bad' wasn't just the name of this week's episode -- it was also every character's mantra! "Taboo" doesn't even begin to describe what went… Read Article ▶

'Smash' Recap: Julia's Dark Secret Threatens 'Marilyn'

2 years ago 9
Plus, am I the only one hoping Ellis gets hit by a bus? Like, a really big one? With Ivy (Megan Hilty) firmly in place as Marilyn Monroe, the Feb. 20… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of NBC

'Smash' Recap: Karen Vs. Ivy — Did The Right Girl Get Marilyn?

2 years ago 7
Do you think the plum part went to the right girl? I think I'm satisfied. Well that didn't take long. Only one week after Karen (Katharine McPhee)… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of NBC

'Smash' Scoop: Ellis Is About To Reveal His 'Cunning Side,' Says Jaime Cepero

2 years ago 0
Jaime tells the biggest source of 'tension' this season on 'Smash.' Ellis may have come off plucky and naïve on the Feb. 6 premiere… Read Article ▶
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