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Beyonce Jay Z Divorcing

Beyonce & Jay Z Divorcing?: Cousin Shanica Knowles Reveals She’s Still Considering It

12 months ago 4
Oh snap! Beyonce made everyone question the stability of her marriage to Jay Z with her new 'Lemonade' album, and now her cousin, Shanica… Read Article ▶

Why New Dads Are FAR Less Likely To Cheat — And It Has Nothing To Do With Loyalty Or Guilty Conscience!

6 years ago 1
Researchers have found scientific proof why men who have just become fathers are more faithful! Scientists have discovered fatherhood reduces… Read Article ▶

Should You Kick Your Man Out If He Cheats While You're Living Together Like Jennifer Aniston Did To Brad Pitt?

6 years ago 8
Or do you take pity on him and let him stay? What would you do if you found out your man was cheating while you were -- gasp! -- still living… Read Article ▶
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Should You Ever Confront A Potential Man Thief Like Jen Aniston May Have Done To Angelina Jolie?

6 years ago 16
If you're sure a woman is trying to take your guy, do you say something or keep your mouth shut and suffer? Although in Hollywood terms (which are a… Read Article ▶

If You've Been Cheated On Like Jen Aniston Has, Should You Know Better Than To Ever Be The Other Woman?

6 years ago 26
Not 'cool' Jen. How could you cause someone else the pain that you once went through? Is Jennifer Aniston just as much of a man thief as her… Read Article ▶
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Should You Stick With Your Man If He Has Exhibitionist Issues Like Andrew Weiner?

6 years ago 5
Should Huma Abedin stay with her risque photo-sending husband or walk away from their marriage? Rep. Andrew Weiner has been leading a secret double… Read Article ▶
Should You Stay In Touch With Your Ex Like Jennifer Aniston Does With Brad Pitt?

Should You Stay In Touch With Your Ex Like Jennifer Aniston Does With Brad Pitt?

6 years ago 11
Is it cool for these two exes to keep in contact -- even if if he new love, Angelina Jolie, is against it? Their marriage may not have ended… Read Article ▶

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger The New Kody Brown? He Pampered The Mother Of His Love Child Like A Second Wife!

6 years ago 1
A shocking new report claims Arnie spent thousands of dollars on a flamboyant birthday party for mistress Mildred Baena's teenage niece, back in… Read Article ▶

Question Of The Day: Could You Stick By A Parent If You Found Out They Had A Secret Family?

6 years ago 0
Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped a bombshell today, confessing to the world he fathered a love child with a member of his household staff more than a… Read Article ▶

Experts Say Arnold Schwarzenegger's Children Will Suffer Most From Love Child Saga!

6 years ago 2
The revelation Arnie fathered a secret child with a member of his household staff has devastated his long-suffering wife Maria -- but experts say… Read Article ▶
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What Should You Do If Your Ex Is Constantly Trashing You Like Jesse James Is Doing To Sandra Bullock?

6 years ago 5
Can you make him stop or must you suffer? Sandra Bullock must be chalking up her decision to marry ex-husband Jesse James as the absolute worst of… Read Article ▶
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LeAnn Rimes' Crochet Dress For Her Post-Wedding Brunch! Is It Boho Cute Or Too Casual?

6 years ago 6
The svelte star opted for a revealing and totally laid back frock when she celebrated her wedding over brunch the very next day! After a very… Read Article ▶, Facebook

LAURA'S LOVE ADVICE: Should You EVER Date A Known Cheater Like Tiger Woods' New GF Alyse Lahti Johnston Is?

6 years ago 1
Is Alyse making a stupid move, or is it OK to date Tiger the Tool if she's just keeping things casual? If you were wondering what woman in her right… Read Article ▶

Wife Cheats On Deployed Soldier Hubby, Gets Pregnant—Then Says She Was Raped!

6 years ago 4
One mom in the UK was prepared to send an innocent man to jail for rape to save her marriage—but she ended up behind bars for A YEAR for lying… Read Article ▶, Getty Images

LAURA'S LOVE ADVICE: How To Handle Hearing Your Ex Has Gotten Engaged, Like Sandra Bullock Was Forced To Do

6 years ago 1
Jesse James and Kat Von D are engaged -- and the ink on his divorce papers are barely dry! How should Sandy handle this staggering act of… Read Article ▶
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