Papoose’s Alleged Baby Mama Determined To Prove She’s Telling The Truth — Watch

This woman is NOT going quietly! Determined to clear her name once and for all, Papoose's alleged baby mama opened up in a radio interview on May 4 about her alleged affair with the rapper that resulted in a 3-year old lovechild. Listen below!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. For the first time ever, Papoose‘s, 39, alleged baby mama is speaking out to backup her claims that they slept together and share a secret lovechild. Vlogger @unwinewithtashak interviewed the mystery woman once before on April 30 when the story initially broke, but this time we’re hearing a fresh perspective straight from her mouth. The segment starts off with Tasha promising the woman that “nothing bad is going to happen” if she tells “the whole story.”

“I just want to clear my name and clear it up,” says the rapper’s alleged mistress while holding to hold back tears of sadness. “I’m so sick of people coming at me about my baby. I’m just tired. I let [Papoose] go.” The unidentified woman doesn’t give any details about their alleged hookup, which doesn’t exactly make her sound too credible. That being said, there was a window of opportunity for cheating when Remy Ma went to jail. Hubby Papoose better run for the hills if that’s what truly happened.

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“There will be hell to pay,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Remy doesn’t put up with any crap, she will cut Papoose off and won’t look back. It will crush her though, especially because they’ve been trying to have a baby and haven’t been able to yet. If he went and got some side chick pregnant, it will break Remy’s heart.” But before we start jumping to conclusions, it might be a good idea for the hip-hop star to follow through with a paternity test. That’s the only way we’ll really know the truth.

HollywoodLifers, do you think this mystery woman is telling the truth about Papoose? Comment below!

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