Leah Messer’s Kids: Everything To Know About Her 3 Beautiful Daughters

'Teen Mom: The Next Chapter' star Leah Messer has a pair of twins and a youngest child from two different marriages. Learn all about Leah's three daughters here.

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Leah Messer
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Leah Messer‘s fame is all thanks to her role as a doting mother. The West Virginia native, 30, rose to fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant after she got pregnant with twin girls by her boyfriend and eventual husband, Corey Simms. Leah gave birth in 2009 to Aliannah “Ali” Hope Simms and Aleeah Grace Simms, who are now 12 years old. Leah and Corey eventually got divorced and, after joining the spinoff series Teen Mom 2, she got married to Jeremy Calvert. They had a daughter, Adalynn “Addie” Faith Calvert, who is now 9 years old. Leah and Jeremy have since divorced.

Leah has a close relationship with her three daughters. The reality star told HollywoodLife that her girls approve of her new boyfriend, U.S. Army officer Jaylan Mobley, 25. “They absolutely love him,” Leah EXCLUSIVELY revealed in Jan. 2022. “They’ll text him more than they’ll text me. Like really, what’s happened? And him and Adalynn, they’re like sidekicks all the time,” she added.

Leah Messer
Leah Messer and her three daughters (Photo: SplashNews)

Wanna learn more about Leah’s daughters? You’re in luck, because we’ve rounded up everything there is to know about the Teen Mom 2 star’s three children who are growing up before her eyes and ours.

Aleeah & Aliannah

Leah’s twin daughters were born on December 16, 2009. Aleeah and Aliannah arrived prematurely and their mom had to undergo a c-section in the hospital. After the twins were born, Leah and their dad Corey struggled as a couple. They broke up when Leah cheated with her ex Robb Kidd. However, the pair reconciled and got married on October 17, 2010 — only to break up for good and get divorced in 2011. They currently share custody of Aleeah and Aliannah.

On Teen Mom 2, Aliannah got diagnosed with Titin muscular dystrophy, a very rare disorder that is typically found only in adults. Leah opened up about her child’s health struggles in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HL ahead of season 10 in September 2020. “Having a young child with muscular dystrophy is an emotional roller coaster,” Leah told us. “And sometimes you don’t know what to expect. And [Aliannah’s] also becoming a preteen, and she has a lot of questions about it. Like, ‘Why do I have to deal with muscular dystrophy and how do I deal with it?’ She improvises everything. She sees her sisters reach milestones that she really wants to reach, it’s like riding a bike and running.” The MTV star added, “I think we’re making the best of it. But it is an emotional roller coaster sometimes.”

Fans have been able to see Aliannah and Aleeah grow into beautiful young girls on Teen Mom 2. Leah also posts the twins on her social media. When they turned 12 in Dec. 2021, Leah honored her first-born kids with a sweet Instagram tribute. “Happy 12th Birthday to the two that made me a Mommy. It has been a journey & I wouldn’t change it for the world. Ilysm,” she said.


Leah’s third daughter was born on February 4, 2013. Adalynn was also born prematurely (five weeks early). Her father is Jeremy Calvert, whom Leah began dating in August 2011 after she joined Teen Mom 2. Leah and Jeremy got pregnant with a child before Adalynn, but the reality star had an abortion. Leah initially claimed she had a miscarriage but eventually revealed the truth in her 2020 bookHope, Grace & Faith. “I had very low self esteem at that point in my life and I 100 percent allowed others to control my decision making,” Leah told People. “I truly, wholeheartedly, felt like I convinced myself that [I really had a miscarriage].” She added, “Looking back now, I just wish I would have owned it. I wish I would’ve owned what was going on. [I wish I hadn’t been] fearful of what everyone was going to say.”

Leah was married to Jeremy between 2012 and 2015. She opened up about the aftermath of the split, including the suicidal thoughts she had following the breakup, in her book. Leah and Jeremy continue to co-parent Addie, who makes appearances on Teen Mom 2 with her mother and big sisters. On season 10, Leah was criticized by fans for being too lenient with Addie after she put gum on the producer’s microphone while filming a scene. Leah defended herself and her youngest child on social media after the Dec. 2020 episode aired. “Just to be clear: Addie did not intentionally put the gum on the mic. She had it on a wrapper and sat the mic down on it. For crying out loud, she was 6,” Leah wrote on Twitter.

Leah will always defend her children no matter what. Her role as a mom of three is her biggest blessing in life. Leah actually will no longer be on Teen Mom 2, which has been canceled alongside Teen Mom OG, in favor of a new mega-show, Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. Leah is a main cast member on the new series, so fans will get to see plenty more from her and her children!