Leah Messer & Corey Simms: Why The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Couple Really Split

Explosive secrets from the 'Teen Mom' franchise have been revealed in 'Teen Mom Confidential,' including the real reason Corey and Leah divorced! Read on to find out what it is. We saw Leah Messer and Corey Simms' six-month marriage crumble in front of the MTV cameras on the second season of Teen Mom 2 after she admitted to sleeping with her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd a week before her wedding. But there were more behind-the-scenes troubles and alleged infidelities that the reality show refused to air.

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Corey Simms Leah Messer Divorce
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Leah Messer & Corey Simms’ Divorce — Why They Really Split

In the volatile second season, the couple was shown arguing about Corey wanting a buy a new truck, while Leah wanted to buy a new house for the family.

But Leah’s close friend Amy LaDawn Nichols says in the book Teen Mom Confidential, written by Sean Daly and Ashley Majeski, that there were much deeper issues going on behind the scenes. On camera, Leah admitted that she was upset because she wasn’t getting enough physical attention from Corey. Amy reveals in the explosive tell-all book that it was Corey’s alleged addiction to porn and refusal to have sex with his fiance that made her feel lonely.

One night, Leah reportedly caught Corey watching some adult movies — and he allegedly turned violent.

“[Corey] threw a remote through the wall and put his hands on [Leah’s] neck becuase she caught him watching porn after not having sex with her,” Amy says in Teen Mom Confidential.

And even though we never saw Corey be anywhere near violent on camera, Amy claims it isn’t the first time he allegedly put his hands on Leah.

“I had seen bruises on her neck before that. She tried to play it off as a hickey or whatever, but we all knew that wasn’t the case,” she reveals in the book. She also adds that another night, Corey threw an envelope violently at Leah, which caused a huge gash in her eye.

Corey Simms Cheated On Leah Messer During Marriage

Leah was also made out to be the adulterous bad guy on Teen Mom 2 after she openly admitted that she hooked up with her ex the days before the wedding. But Corey was just as unfaithful during their marriage, according to Amy.

One night, Amy says Corey was out at Buffalo Wild Wings months before his divorce without Leah, and met single mom Amber Scaggs. The Teen Mom then hacked into Corey’s email account to find Facebook messages from the other woman.

“Corey was cheating just as much [as Leah],” her mom Dawn Spears says in the book. “He wouldn’t admit it on camera, so they couldn’t present it on the show. They were both cheating. Leah knew about it, but he wouldn’t let them film it… He let Leah take the blame when in reality he was just as bad. Leah told me, ‘I may be the one that has to go down for this, but I’m going to tell the truth.'”

What do YOU think about the allegations against Corey, HollyMoms? Are you shocked at his alleged behavior?

WATCH: Corey Discusses His Failed Marriage To Leah

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