‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah Messer Finally Clears The Air With Corey About Her Struggles With Addiction

Eight years after initially lying to Corey Simms about her addiction struggles, Leah Messer finally cleared the air during the Dec. 15 episode of 'Teen Mom 2'.

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Leah Messer admitted that she was finally ready to have a tough conversation with her ex, Corey Simms, during the Dec. 15 episode of Teen Mom 2. Following the release of her very revealing tell-all, and getting on the same page with Jeremy Calvert about her past addiction struggles, Leah thought there was no time like the present to clear the air with Corey, too. So that’s just what she did.

At a routine drop-off with her twin daughters, Leah had a private conversation with Corey, during which they both agreed that they hadn’t had any problems with each other for quite some time — not since their “last court hearing”, when she was struggling with addiction eight years prior.

After Corey agreed that their communication “used to not be good”, scenes from their past flashes across screen. And one scene in particular, showed Corey and his wife, Miranda, questioning Leah’s sobriety. At the time, she swore there wasn’t “a drug problem”, as we now know, she was lying at that time.

“I haven’t ever really talked to you about it, [and] you didn’t know that after I had Addie, they put me on multiple different painkillers,” Leah told Corey, to which he agreed that he “didn’t know all the details.”

“All I know is that you have progressed,” he further told Leah. And they both agreed that her addiction was “scary” and if things had continued the way they were going, they wouldn’t be where they’re at today.

“I look back at that moment, and I wish each of us, all of us — including your wife — could have communicated it a little differently and provided that safe place for me as an addict,” Leah said. And Corey explained that they were being “supportive”, however, their “support turned to anger,” yet he agreed that they could have communicated better. And fortunately, now, their communication is at “where it should be”, he said.

In the end, Leah felt like a big weight had been lifted off her shoulders since they had never really talked about her addiction since she became sober. And she agreed that she was happy with the way things are, and she hopes they can continue their good luck moving forward.

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