‘Teen Mom 2’ Preview: Briana DeJesus Reaches Her Breaking Point & Needs Devoin’s Help – Watch

Briana DeJesus's very demanding schedule has been 'exhausting' for her, and she needs Devoin's help now more than ever, she reveals in this sneak peek at the Dec. 15 episode of 'Teen Mom 2'.

With very little help from her two baby daddies, Briana DeJesus‘s life has become super “exhausting”. And in this sneak peek clip at the all-new, Dec. 15 episode of Teen Mom 2, she tells her mom and sister that she plans on asking Nova‘s dad, Devoin, for some help.

The EXCLUSIVE clip first shows Briana dropping Nova off at school. She then reveals that she went to her full-time job after that, before leaving work early to pick her up, take her to gymnastics, and pick Stella up from daycare. “The schedule is exhausting, and I wish Devoin could help more. Especially if he’s not going to contribute financially,” she says.


Then, when she gets inside the house and starts discussing the issue with her mom and sister, she says that her last conversation with Devoin about scheduling “went left”, when he dissed her for having a “$15,000 body“. She reveals he apologized, but she still wants to have another conversation with him in person.

“Devoin needs to step up his game and be more responsible because Devoin needs to take Nova and know what it’s like [to be a parent],” she says. But Briana’s mom Roxanne doesn’t think it’s the best time for Devoin to take Nova back to his place, since he now has roommates and it’ll be like a college frat house.

This angers Briana, and she tells her mom that she’ll make the best decision for her and Nova, and everyone just needs to support it — even if that means sending her to a house full of Devoin and his roommates.

To see what else she says, watch the full clip above! Want to see even more? Catch this all-new episode of Teen Mom 2 tonight, Dec. 15, at 8pm on MTV.

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