‘Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer Claims Her Mom Pressured Her Into Having Sex With A Random Guy

Leah Messer is baring all in her new book, 'Hope, Grace & Faith'. Not only does she spill major 'Teen Mom 2' tea, but she also claims her mom pressured her into having sex when she was a teen.

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In an advanced copy of Leah Messer‘s new book, Hope, Grace & Faith (out May 5), obtained by HollywoodLife, the Teen Mom 2 star, 27, goes into details about a night during her teen years, when her mom, Dawn Spears, pressured her into playing a game of spin the bottle with a male friend she barely knew. She claims that things got so heated that Dawn eventually shoved her in a room with the random teen, and they ended up having sex.

“[My mom] would let us have friends over and she’d hang out with all of us,” Leah said in the book, when describing her high school years. “I think because she never went to high school, or even got to be a normal teenager, there was a part of her that felt like she had missed out on something. She wasn’t even allowed to talk to boys before she met my dad and got pregnant with me, so she liked hanging out with our friends and being around that energy.”

She continued, “Around that time, she and Lee were going through a rough patch. She had started seeing a therapist who diagnosed her as bipolar (with depression and anxiety), but she wouldn’t take her meds so she was totally unpredictable. One second she’d be flying high and the next she’d spiral into a dark place. I think she also just didn’t know how to handle having teenage daughters, so she’d either be so strict it was embarrassing or she’d want to hang out and act like she was the young cool mom— which was also embarrassing. There was no middle ground; it was always one extreme or the other.”


On the night of the incident, Leah said her mom allowed her to invite over a group of friends, so she decided to invite Mike, who was a casual friend, and his brother. “We were all sitting around the living room, talking and hanging out, when my mom came into the room with an empty wine bottle and said we should play Spin the Bottle,” Leah wrote. “At first, it was funny; we were all just laughing and not really taking the game seriously. Mike spun, and I was relieved when the bottle didn’t land on me. When I spun, it landed on his brother, so I gave him a peck on the cheek and we all laughed. When it was Mike’s turn to go again, the bottle landed in the empty space next to me. There was an awkward pause and he went to spin it again.”

“Before he could, my mom leaned over and pushed the bottle so that it was pointing right at me,” Leah continued. “I shook my head and said, ‘No way,’ but she started wrestling with me and telling me I had to do it. I was laughing, because I thought she was just teasing me, but then she started pushing both of us towards the bedroom I shared with [my sister] Victoria. The next thing I knew I was in the room with Mike and my mom was holding the door shut from the other side so I couldn’t get out. I remember feeling cornered, like a trapped animal. I didn’t want to kiss Mike, much less have sex with him, but that’s exactly what happened.”

Leah goes on to say that the sex was consensual, but she felt that her mom had pressured them into taking things to that level. “He didn’t force himself on me. I think he was actually as nervous and uncomfortable as I was,” she said. “At one point he even asked me, ‘Are you sure, Leah? Because this is weird.’ I wasn’t sure (and it was definitely weird), but I still hadn’t learned how to say no. So I just shrugged and said, ‘I guess.’ It was easier to just let it happen than to think about why my mom had pushed me into that room in the first place. We were in there for maybe 10 minutes and it was the grossest sex I’ve ever had. He was all sweaty and grunting… When it was over, I felt totally ashamed of myself, but I knew there was no way I could take back what I had just done. Coming out of that room was the most humiliating walk of shame.”

Leah’s book, Hope, Grace & Faith, is set to be released by Post Hill Press on May 5. It will be available on Amazon, and can already be pre-ordered.

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