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Sister Wives Kids Reject Polygamy

‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Kids Reject Polygamous Lifestyle — ‘None Of Us Want’ It

Kody Brown and his multiple wives have worked hard so they could live their polygamous lifestyle, but the children of the ‘Sister Wives’ stars say it’s not for them! During the Nov. 22 tell-all special, Kody’s kids rejected polygamy, saying it’s ‘simply not what we’re meant to do.’

It seems the apple does fall far from the tree. Kody Brown, 46, and his wives famously live in a polygamous household on Sister Wives, but some of his kids will not follow in their father’s footsteps. While sitting down for a tell-all interview, members of the Brown family said they’ve decided to not practice “plural marriage.”

November 23, 2015
Kody Brown Cries

‘Sister Wives’ Sneak Peek: Kody In Tears Over Emotional Life Change — Meri Leaving?

Kody Brown handles a lot when it comes to balancing four wives and seventeen children, but the latest development in his sprawling family may be what breaks him. Faced with the fact that Meri is unhappy and may wind up leaving him, it’s enough to bring him to tears.

Is Kody Brown‘s family losing a member? The Sister Wives patriarch’s first wife, Meri, admitted to cheating on him after months of unhappiness following a huge shakeup in the family. After their amicable divorce (so that fourth wife Robyn‘s children could get insurance benefits), things haven’t been the same for the polygamists. Click through to watch their in-depth discussion!

November 19, 2015
Sister Wives Finale

Sister Wives Recap:Lonely Meri Gets Conned Into “Catfish” Affair & Is Terrified To Tell Kody

Poor Meri. When you have a polygamous family with four wives and 17 kids, it’s a no-brainer that someone WILL feel neglected. That has turned out to be first wife Meri who made the agonizing confession this week that loneliness led her into an emotional affair.

Meri Brown broke down and sobbed on the season finale of Sister Wives as she made the stunning admission that she was so lonely in her polygamous marriage , that she fell into an affair. Not a physical affair, mind you, but an emotional relationship with who she thought was a man, named “Sam Cooper”.

November 16, 2015
Kody Brown Family Support Meri

'Sister Wives' (Image Courtesy of TLC)

‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Pleads With Fans To Be ‘Supportive’ After Meri’s Affair

Kody Brown has pledged his love to Meri Brown after she disclosed her online affair on the Nov. 15 finale of ‘Sister Wives.’ Now, Kody has asked fans to give their ‘support’ and be ‘patient’ with Meri and the rest of the Browns as they work on fixing their family!

Kody Brown, 46, and the rest of his family are still reeling after Meri Brown, 44, confessed to having an online affair on the Season 6 finale of Sister Wives. But, Kody remains dedicated to Meri and thinks that if he can forgive her, so can Sister Wives fans. The head of the Brown family has asked for patience and forgiveness during this emotional time.

November 16, 2015

‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Promises To Always ‘Love & Support’ Meri After Affair

The stars of ‘Sister Wives’ stick together, even after betrayal. Meri Brown finally came clean about her catfish affair on the Nov. 15 season finale of the hit reality show, and Kody Brown has vowed he will always ‘love and support’ Meri.

Meri Brown’s catfish affair is now out in the open, but Kody Brown still has nothing but love for Meri, 44. After Meri confessed to an online affair and revealed she’d been “catfished,” Kody admitted that he and Meri are working on their relationship.

November 16, 2015
Meri Brown Affair Threats

‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Reveals Threats After Catfish Affair — I ‘Had To Protect’ My Family

After Meri Brown came clean about her online affair on the Nov. 15 Season 6 finale of ‘Sister Wives,’ she also revealed on Twitter that she and her family received threats because of it. See Meri’s tweet about protecting her family below!

Meri Brown, 44, made a shocking confession to her Sister Wives family on the Season 6 finale of the TLC reality show about having an online affair with what she thought was another man. Although it turned out that Meri was a “victim of catfishing” in the affair, she still faced some major backlash for her scandalous actions. Following the episode, Meri explained that she openly admitted to everything for her family’s safety!

November 16, 2015
Meri Brown Affair

‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Breaks Down & Reveals Why She Had Affair: I Was ‘Alone’ — Watch

Meri Brown will finally come clean about her affair on the Nov. 15 episode of ‘Sister Wives’…and it’s going to be a pretty emotional episode. A new clip from the season 6 finale shows Meri breaking down in tears as she reveals the reason she went looking for love online. Watch it here.

The truth is out. Sister Wives star Meri Brown is opening up about why she was looking for men to talk to online while married to Kody Brown, which eventually led to her forming an emotional relationship with who she thought was a man named Sam Cooper, and she’s unable to hold back the tears while explaining herself in this short clip from the Nov. 15 episode.

November 15, 2015

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