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'Sister Wives' Recap: Robyn Would Give Up Her Own Kids To Stay With Kody Brown & The Sister Wives!

In the most shocking episode ever, Robyn says she will send her own three children away rather than consider leaving her “new” Brown family.

Were any of you as stunned as I was when Robyn made it clear that if the 13 other Brown children didn’t stop bullying her 3 kids, she would let them leave her and live with their biological father and not her.

October 31, 2011

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'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Brown Accused – You Became A Polygamist To Get Attention, Say Friends!

Kody visits his small hometown of Lovell, Wyoming with his four wives and faces off with his disapproving,accusatory  high school classmates, in the series best episode yet.

I have to hand it to Kody Brown — he’s got gumption. Not only has he gone public and been run out of the state of Utah but now he deliberately set off to face-off with his former high school haters.

October 17, 2011

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Sister Wives: Janelle's Claws Are Out For Robyn & All The Wives Finally Admit They're Creeped Out By Kody Having Sex With Them All!

It’s subtle, yes. But finally we see the sister wives honest feelings for each other. And it’s refreshing to have the truth on camera.

Sister wives Meri #1, Janelle #2, Christine #3 and Robyn #4, vehemently swear that they love being sister wives on their show now in its third season. Christine even appeared on Anderson Cooper‘s CNN show last week, claiming up and down that she ALWAYS wanted to be a THIRD wife – which she is.

October 3, 2011

'Sister Wives' Recap — Kody & The Wives Have A Polygamy Dinner Party!

Newly outed as the token polys among many of their friends and co-workers, the Browns host an intimate dinner party!

In one of the greatest gatherings of two great factions, perhaps in the history of the world, the polygamists and monogamists came together on the April 17 episode of Sister Wives. Thanks to a Brown family dinner party, bread was broken and peace perhaps brokered.

April 18, 2011

'Sister Wives' Recap — The Browns Freaked Over Polygamy Investigation & Reveal Kody's Dad A Polygamist Too!

And no0t only that! Kody’s dad actually married to Janelle( his second wife’s) mom! Is that weird or what?

The premiere of Sister Wives, however dividing, was great in that it finally began to show the social, and possibly legal, repercussions of the Brown family lifestyle. This week however, the biggest story came from the introduction of Kody‘s family — and his amazing two moms.

March 20, 2011

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