Sister Wives: Kody Planning To Marry Two New Wives As Revenge — Report

A major shakeup may be coming to 'Sister Wives'! Kody Brown is allegedly exacting revenge on his four wives by divorcing the lot of them -- and marrying two new women! Click through for the shocking details! How many wives does one man need? Sister Wives star Kody Brown, 45, is allegedly furious with all four of his wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn) for their lack of support, and wants to mass divorce them! His plot for sweet, sweet revenge? Marrying two new, pretty ladies once they're gone, according to a report from Life & Style magazine!

Sister Wives Divorce
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“Kody doesn’t want to keep dealing with his current wives,” family friend Kendra Pollard told Life & Style magazine. “They haven’t been supportive of him, so Kody has planned the ultimate revenge.” Things have definitely been rocky since it was revealed that Meri was having an emotional affair (and getting catfished), but nothing indicated the situation was this dire!

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Following those four divorces (note: Kody is only legally married to Robyn, and “spiritually married” to the other three sister wives), Kody reportedly has plans to get married again to two other women! Even worse, both women he’s considering for marriage are related to the family! He’s courting family friend Amber, which is freaking out Robyn the most out of anybody, according to Kendra.

“The Browns have mingled with [Amanda] on and off over the years,” Kendra told Life & Style. “Robyn’s not sure, and I’m not sure, if this is a legit love or for TV purposes. It’s freaky, and Kody swore that he would never do this.” Life & Style obtained texts that were allegedly sent from Robyn to a friend, and she’s clearly freaking out about Kody’s announcement.

“Kody’s…on the wife topic again. I just refuse to go there…I am so frustrated,” they read. Well, if Robyn’s that upset about Amber, then she must be livid that Kody is also allegedly courting her step-niece, Mindy Jessop! Mindy has appeared on Sister Wives (season 5), and has even nannied some of the family’s 18 children. What a betrayal! “Everybody’s talking about it,” Kendra said. “It’s like, ‘There goes Kody again.'”

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