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‘Sister Wives’ Secrets Spilled: Kody Brown Barely Sleeps With Any Wife But Robyn — Report

Not all is what it seems in the world of 'Sister Wives.' A explosive new report is claiming that the head of the Brown household, Kody, is only sleeping with one of his four wives and that lucky lady is Robyn. But that's not all -- click to read the crazy details from inside the Brown compound. A new report is claiming that Meri Brown's emotional affair has taken an even darker turn -- her catfish lover is ready to expose the entire Brown family in a new book. Will this juicy new tell-all be in the breaking point for the entire Kody Brown compound? New details point to yes!

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Kody Brown Only Sleeps With Wife Robyn
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It seems Meri’s big “emotional affair” has come back to bite her in the rear yet again. Jackie Overton, the woman behind the explosive cat-fishing incident, is writing a tell-all book about what went down when she posed as “Samuel Jacob Cooper” and romantically seduced Meri over the internet. Within those golden pages are explosives details about what it’s like to be married to a man who is also “spiritually married” to other women and legally married to another. Kody is reportedly only sleeping with his legal wife Robyn, an insider close to the family revealed to Life & Style. He spends the bulk of his nights with her, which has caused major jealousy issues within the other wives, especially Meri. So, she revealed these so-called feelings and secrets to “Samuel”, because she reportedly had one foot out the door from the Brown compound. Thus, giving “Samuel” aka Jackie, real meaty evidence to write a book.

During her affair, Meri reportedly told the wives that “She did not want to be there anymore,” according to the insider. “That she loved the kids but the marriage was done and she was not wanting to fix it. She said the second sister wife [Janelle] was shocked.” What’s more shocking is the fact that all these women continue to stay with this man — tell-all book or not. Sadly, she wound up never leaving and starting a life without the craziness of Kody. Instead her affair became public and the worst part? That she was cat-fished by a woman. Regardless, it will be very interesting to see this all play out.

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