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Steven Tyler Aerosmith Farewell Tour

Steven Tyler Announces Aerosmith Farewell Tour 2017 — Is This The End Of The Rock Band?

Steven Tyler confirmed his beloved rock band Aerosmith is planning a ‘farewell tour’ in 2017! So does the front man’s announcement mean that they are saying good-bye for good!? has the details!

Steven Tyler, 68, recently sat down for an interview with Howard Stern, 62, to discuss his band Aerosmith‘s future in addition to promoting his new album We’re All Somebody From Somewhere. So when the singer revealed that they are doing a “farewell tour, only because it’s time,” of course our minds went spinning! Does this mean the band is calling it a wrap after?! We’ve got the scoop, below!

June 27, 2016
AGT Mel B. Compares Simon Cowell To Howard Stern 

‘America’s Got Talent’: Mel B. On How Simon Cowell Compares To Howard Stern 

‘AGT’ is back this season and better more different than ever. With one of my personal favorites, Howard Stern, gone, Simon Cowell is there — but do the other judges like the switch up?

We were all bummed when Howard Stern decided to leave America’s Got Talent after season 10 and creator Simon Cowell took his place. The show is clearly a little different with Howard’s voice gone and Simon’s coming in loud and clear. We chatted with host, Mel B. about what exactly has changed.

June 14, 2016

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