Jennifer Aniston Reveals She’s ‘Single’ & ‘Hates’ Being Set Up On Dates

After two divorces, Jennifer Aniston is perfectly happy being single, but not ready to mingle. She isn't in the market for a man and hates it when friends try to set her up on dates.

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Jennifer Aniston made her first official appearance on her good pal Howard Stern‘s SiriusXM show, and boy did he get some fun dish from her. The 65-year-old is in Los Angeles for a week of shows, and he was able to finally snag the 50-year-old actress for a sit-down. The King of All Media even offered to help set her up on a date, but Jen was having none of it. Howard asked Jen, “Are you enjoying being single,” and the she responded with a hearty “Yeah.” The Morning Show actress split from second husband Justin Theroux, 48, in Feb. of 2018 and hasn’t been linked to anyone since.

Howard even made the offer, “Do you want me to set you up with someone or not?” but Jen took a hard pass on it. “Not right now,” she responded. “But listen, I just don’t like being set up. I don’t like it. Hate it.” So in other words, all of her A-list pals can take note and not be on the lookout for a new man for the actress. Right now she’s all about work, adding, “I’m very busy.”

Howard also quizzed Jennifer on the chances of a Friends reunion after all of these years and how much money it would take to bring the cast back together (the six leads were all making $1 million a year by the time the show finished airing in 2004). “Not much. I honestly think we would love it,” she responded as the cast has remained close since the show wrapped 15 years ago. “However, there is an idea that if there is a reboot of the show it will not be even close to what it was…it would ruin it,” she explained, saying that the show in its day was “lightning in a bottle” in that the six leads genuinely got along so well.