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Kendra On Top Season 5 Trailer

‘Kendra On Top’ Trailer: Kendra Slams Holly Madison’s Tell-All As ‘Bullsh*t’ — Watch

Don’t mess with Kendra Wilkinson! The first trailer for ‘Kendra On Top’ season 5 has arrived, and she bashes former co-star Holly Madison and calls her tell-all ‘bullsh*t.’ Click to WATCH!

Kendra Wilkinson, 30, is out for vengeance in season 5 of Kendra On Top. In the all-new trailer, she slams Holly Madison’s Playboy tell-all as complete “bullsh*t.” She also blasts her mom for betraying her and declares “f**king war” on someone!

March 12, 2016
Bridget Marquardt Engaged

Bridget Marquardt Engaged — Check Out Her Unique Spider Engagement Ring

Former Playboy Playmate Bridget Marquart is engaged to longtime love Nick Carpenter. Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend certainly has unique taste because her spooky diamond ring is truly on of a kind. Check it out below!

Bridget Marquart, 42, shot to fame as one of Playboy founders Hugh Hefner‘s, 89three girlfriends on the reality show The Girls Next Door. But now she’s about to become a married woman, and you’ve got to see the diamond ring her fiance Nick Carpenter presented her. While some women might be creeped out by a diamond ring in the shape of a SPIDER, Bridget absolutely loved it!

October 1, 2015
Kendra Wilkinson Holly Madison Not Friends

Kendra Wilkinson Wasn’t Friends With Holly Madison: ‘We Just F–ked The Same Man’

Kendra Wilkinson slammed Holly Madison yet again for her inflammatory memoir, telling her therapist that Holly is definitely out to get her. They barely spoke to each other in the Playboy Mansion — and they only shared one specific thing during that time.

Kendra Wilkinson, 30, is lashing out against the “lies” Holly Madison, 35, published in her recent memoir, saying that not only were they not buddies while living in the Playboy Mansion, but that they only had one thing in common: they both slept with HefOn the latest episode of Kendra On Top, the former playmate got down to the nitty gritty of why she’s so pissed: she and Holly weren’t even pals, so how would she know what was going on in Kendra’s life? Click through to see the NSFW video!

September 24, 2015
Kendra Wilkinson Disses Holly Madison

Kendra Wilkinson Blasts Holly Madison For ‘Shameful’ Hugh Hefner-Slamming Book

Kendra Wilkinson is again letting the world know exactly what she thinks about Holly Madison and her memoir! The bottom line: don’t be badmouthing Hef, or their time in the Playboy Mansion — and don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

Kendra Wilkinson, 30, is fighting back against the claims Holly Madison, 35, made in her sensational memoir “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny.” In an interview with US Weekly on August 1, Kendra said that she didn’t approve of Holly’s stories about their time spent as Hugh Hefner‘s live-in girlfriends at the Playboy Mansion — and that it’s a “shame” that she couldn’t appreciate their life there. Holly’s on blast!

August 5, 2015

Holly Madison Dissed By Izabella St. James: She’s A ‘Weirdo’ Obsessed With Hef

You’ve been called out, Holly Madison! Former Playboy Bunny Izabella St. James is calling Holly a weirdo and a stalker whose memoir claims are made up! Holly’s ‘obsessed’ with Hugh Hefner!

When Holly Madison, 35, released her memoir “Down The Rabbit Hole,” we discovered a number of shocking stories about life at the Playboy Mansion. But former Playmate Izabella St. James, 39, is firing back at Holly, saying that many of the stories aren’t true at all! She’s calling Holly an outsider obsessed with Hugh Hefner — Holly can’t be too happy about that!

July 16, 2015
Holly Madison Playboy Scandal

Holly Madison & More: Playboy’s Most Scandalous Bunnies

The hottest Playboy Bunnies have experienced their fair share of scandal. From Holly Madison’s latest tell-all to Kendra Wilkinson’s recent drama, we’re taking a look at Playboy’s most jaw-dropping scandals.

Playboy drama! Some of our favorite sexy Bunnies from over the years have rocked our world with scandal. Holly Madison recently floored us with shocking details on what went on at the Playboy Mansion, Kendra Wilkinson has been dealing with Hank Baskett’s cheating scandal, and then, of course, there’s Anna Nicole Smith.

June 27, 2015

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