Holly Madison Dissed By Izabella St. James: She’s A ‘Weirdo’ Obsessed With Hef

You've been called out, Holly Madison! Former Playboy Bunny Izabella St. James is calling Holly a weirdo and a stalker whose memoir claims are made up! Holly's 'obsessed' with Hugh Hefner! When Holly Madison, 35, released her memoir "Down The Rabbit Hole," we discovered a number of shocking stories about life at the Playboy Mansion. But former Playmate Izabella St. James, 39, is firing back at Holly, saying that many of the stories aren't true at all! She's calling Holly an outsider obsessed with Hugh Hefner -- Holly can't be too happy about that!

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Holly’s memoir detailed her time at the Playboy Mansion, where she began living at 21. She rose to the top as Hugh’s #1 girlfriend, and was featured on the mega-hit show Girls Next Door, which gave viewers a glimpse of mansion life. But it was apparently far from reality; Holly’s book chronicled being fed drugs, having reluctant sex and not getting along with the other girls. Izabella isn’t having any of it, telling Daily Mail that Holly is making everything up.

“She is selling the book by making outrageous claims, and doing tell-all interviews where she says he degraded her and calls it the house of horrors,” Izabella said. “If it was the house of horrors, she was the most willing and happy participant of it all”

She said Holly was obsessed with Hugh, Single White Female-ing him! “She would go through his stuff,” Izabella said. “She tried to look like the ex-girlfriends he liked the most. She kept emulating their looks, his favorite girlfriends from the past. She had a dark obsession with Hef, with becoming everything Hef, even to the point where she started eating exactly the same meals as him.”

Disturbing! So if Holly was so obsessed with Hef, why hurl such accusations against him now? Izabella has a hunch that Holly, for one, felt a deep rejection after Hugh nastily criticized her for trying to look just like Marilyn Monroe — something she did to please him. Poor Holly! And like others have said, she was hurt that Hef didn’t want to marry her. Whether you believe Holly or Izabella’s account, it’s still so sad

HollywoodLifers, do you believe Izabella’s side of the story, or are you on Team Holly? Let us know in the comments and remember to take our poll!

— Samantha Wilson 

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