Todd & Julie Chrisley Exposed To ‘Black Mold’ & ‘Lead-Based Paint’ In Prison, According To Son Chase

Chase said the Chrisley family has gotten 'closer' as his parents continue to deal with 'terrible' and 'awful' conditions in prison.

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Chase Chrisley
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Chase Chrisley gave some troubling insight into how his parents Todd and Julie Chrisley are doing in prison as they both serve time for tax fraud. “They’re hanging in there. It’s a terrible situation,” the 27-year-old told Extra on August 23. “The conditions are awful and if you read all these headlines they say the polar opposite, but it is not the truth and we’re going to be spreading a lot of awareness to that as well,” he added.

Todd, 54, and Julie, 50 are currently both serving a combined 19 years in prison after being convicted of federal tax fraud in June 2022. Todd is serving 12 years at Florida’s Federal Prison Camp Pensacola, while Julie is locked up at Kentucky’s FMC Lexington for the next seven years.

Todd Chrisley
Chase Chrisley, Julie Chrisley, and Todd Chrisley (Photo: Gpa/Imagespace/Shutterstock)

In his interview with Extra, Chase explained the rough prison conditions that his mom and dad are dealing with in their respective facilities. “Everyone has this perception that my parents are in this country club prison and that’s just not the case at all,” he said. “My mom’s sitting up there with no air, and my dad’s facility has no air. They both have black mold, lead-based paint, the roof is falling in on both facilities. So it’s just, it’s just a lie.”

Chase also revealed that Todd and Julie haven’t spoken since they reported to prison over 200 days ago. He said that’s “really tough for them because my mom and dad are obsessed with each other.” On the bright side, Chase said that the family has actually gotten “a lot closer” with each other. “When you get hit with something like this, I feel like a lot of people either separate and go their own ways or they cling together, which is how we were raised,” he said. “We’ve clung together and we’re still fighting.”

Chase confirmed to Extra that the Chrisleys are working on a new unscripted series after Chrisley Knows Best was canceled. He said the show will feature himself, Savannah, Grayson, Chloe, and “Nanny Faye” with possible brief appearances from Todd and Julie in prison. “There definitely will be times we’ll be on phone calls and going to visit and stuff like that,” Chase said, noting that the family will “air out” everything that’s going on in their lives on their new show.

Todd and Julie’s son previously discussed their life behind bars when he went on his sister Savannah’s podcast in July. Chase explained that Todd’s prison conditions in Florida are a “nightmare.” He said that neither of his parents have air conditioning in their facilities, while Savannah alleged that Julie “has rattlesnakes just casually slithering on the floor in front of her” in her cell. On the Aug. 2 episode of her podcast, Savannah revealed that Todd’s blonde hair has turned gray in prison.

The Chrisley parents both reported to prison on Jan. 17.  In addition to their combined 19-year sentence, they must also serve an additional 16 months of probation after they’re released from jail. Todd and Julie have argued that they’re innocent but they’ve have had no luck in their fight to appeal their case so far.