‘L&HH Miami’s Amara La Negra Can’t Wait To Give Birth To Her Twins: ‘I’m In Love With Them’ Already

'L&HH Miami' star Amara La Negra can't wait to meet her baby girls, as she opened up to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about her upcoming labor and delivery plans.

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Love & Hip Hop Miami star Amara La Negra, 31, is getting ready for a double dose of pink! The late-night talk show host of Fuse’s Don’t Cancel Me is already over the moon with her little girls and she can’t wait for their arrival! “I’m in love with them without even meeting them yet,” Amara told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on Nov. 19. “I can feel them kicking. I can only imagine how they’re going to look and I just am so in love.”

The Latina beauty announced her pregnancy in early November after suffering a miscarriage over the summer, making this pregnancy extra special. “It’s a lot, but it’s definitely a blessing,” Amara said. “especially knowing there’s a lot women that unfortunately can’t have children and God has blessed me with two which originally were triplets. Unfortunately I lost one. That was a miscarriage that everybody got to know about. It was tough, but God has blessed me with two babies, two baby girls.”

Although she can’t wait to meet her little ones, the bodily aches and pains are tough to deal with for the mother to be and she’s feeling all of the feels. “Super excited!” Amara revealed. “Any woman that it’s her first time — In my case, I’m an only child, so this is definitely a new experience for me in every single aspect. I think I’m nervous, anxious, excited. My motherly instinct is already coming about. Trying to understand these changes that my body is going through because I’m consistently making 4 legs, 4 arms. It’s a lot of work on my body. I still remain a working woman. I plan on working until the last day of my pregnancy. I want to be there also to enjoy not just the beginning stages of my babies but also that I’m an outstanding business woman and I have to go out there and I’m the provider. It’s a lot of work but I’m definitely excited for the new journey.I am feeling physically exhausted, sleepy, nauseous, heartburn, all types of feelings,. Lots of ligament stretches.”

Her boyfriend, real estate broker Alan Mueses, has a laundry list of cravings to keep up with, too! “It’s so terrible because I really shouldn’t be eating this, but I really hate — I despise hot dogs, but all of the sudden I have the biggest love for hot dogs!” Amara revealed. “I also crave a lot of waffles. I crave Chick-fil-A. And hot stuff! Anything with hot sauce.”

As she awaits for her babies to arrive in 2022, she’s focusing on the show’s 8 episodes and its Dec. 1 premiere. “Don’t Cancel Me is a platform,” Amara said. “It’s a safe space where you don’t feel like you have to be judged for giving your opinion. I feel like right now we’re in somewhat of a sensitive era where a lot of people feel that they’re afraid to express themselves because they’re afraid of what society is saying, especially with social media and while everything else is happening. Whether I agree or disagree, that’s the beautiful thing about Don’t Cancel Me because I just want to understand, “Why do you feel this certain type of way?” It’s an open space to be yourself.”

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