‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’: A1 & Lyrica Come Face-To-Face With Safaree After Sex Rumors

Yikes! Things took a major turn for the worst, when Safaree ambushed A1 and Lyrica at a dinner party they were throwing during the Sept. 3 episode of 'L&HH: Hollywood'.

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Ray J instigated some major drama during the Sept. 3 episode of L&HH Hollywood, when he invited Safaree to A1 and Lyrica‘s dinner party so they could sort out their drama. But as expected, it only caused a lot more problems for the recently reunited couple. A1 has still yet to really confirm that he had sex with Lyrica, but he’s doing a good job at teasing it to everyone that he’s been in contact with. So after Ray J learned A1 and Lyrica were throwing a dinner party to announce they’re back together, he thought it’d be the best spot to have them sit down with Safaree and figure everything out. No such luck — just moments after A1 and Lyrica told their friends that they’re both back together and pregnant, Lyrica escaped to the bathroom with Princess Love so they could touch up their makeup or something.

Meanwhile, Safaree strutted his way into the restaurant, which left A1 stunned. This was the first time the two had come face-to-face since rumors started swirling about Safaree hooking up with Lyrica. Ray J explained that he invited Safaree so they could talk and hash things out, but not much was resolved because Brooke ran into the bathroom to tell Lyrica that Safaree had shown up. When Lyrica learned about Safaree’s arrival, she ran out of the bathroom and asked him why he was there and why he had been spreading rumors about them. Safaree got fed up with the drama and told A1 and Lyrica that he wanted nothing to do with their relationship issues, and then he stood up to leave. But before he could go anywhere, A1 jumped up on the table to go after him.

The episode ended there, but it’s pretty obvious that everyone’s wondering the same thing — whose baby is Lyrica pregnant with? She and A1 hadn’t been sleeping together for weeks due to their semi-split, and she was rumored to be hooking up with Safaree. Is the baby Safaree’s or A1’s? That’s the mystery we’re hoping to see get solved before the season comes to a close.

But it doesn’t matter whose baby it is — it’s clear that everyone’s unhappy with the pregnancy news. Not only did the news elicit a negative reaction amongst the couple’s friends (Safaree’s ambush and what not), but both their families also freaked over the news. Her mom cried and his family had a massive fight during a lunch. Right now, A1 and Lyrica’s relationship is really unhealthy and no baby should be brought into that type of situation.

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