‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Brianna Reveals Why She Fought ‘So Hard’ For Romance With Briggs

Brianna Jaramillo's relationship with Briggs has caused her a lot of heartache, but the 'Teen Mom' star is now telling us why she fought 'so hard' to keep their romance alive.

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Brianna Jaramillo has dealt with her fair share of drama during this season of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. Not only did she get into some major arguments with her mom and best friend, Ashley, but her new boyfriend, Briggs, has cheated on her a number of times. So why is she still dating him on the show? Well, we asked Brianna that question and more during an EXCLUSIVE interview about their romance and what’s to come for the reality TV star on the MTV series.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: You recently found out that Briggs was cheating on you again — why keep the relationship going?

Brianna: I kept the relationship going because I really wanted it to work. I was fighting so hard for that relationship and thought he was too. He always made it seem like he was sorry and it wasn’t going to happen again, and sadly I believed him.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: What really happened during your relationship? Online, you alluded to a lot more than what’s show on the show.

Brianna: My relationship with Briggs messed with me so much mentally because it was so back and forth. He would act like we were good and like he actually wanted to be with me and then next thing I know he’s talking to some new girl or slept with them, it was really confusing. He would lie to me like I didn’t know the truth and act like I was crazy for not believing or trusting him. Also the way he talked to me a lot of the time was just very rude and disrespectful.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: Do you regret starting a relationship with him?

Brianna: I don’t regret starting the relationship with him. I wish he would’ve just been honest with his intentions but I learned a lot from that relationship and I’ve changed a lot since.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: How will this relationship affect your dating style moving forward? Any red flags you’ll now look out for?

Brianna: I’m not sure how it will affect my dating style but I hope I will see the red flags next time.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: How is your friendship with Ashley today? You two have been rocky all season — any update?

Brianna: My friendship with Ashley is great now. During the season it was rocky. She wanted what was best for me and just didn’t want to see me constantly run back to someone who was continuously hurting me.

Want more? The season finale of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant airs tonight at 9pm on MTV.

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