Karl-Anthony Towns Hints At Proposing To Jordyn Woods As They Defend Romance Amid Cheating Rumors

After Karl-Anthony Towns was accused of cheating on GF Jordyn Woods, he's strongly denied the claims and says he's going to put a 'ring on her finger.'

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Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordyn Woods
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Jordyn Woods, 23, and boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns have made the rare move of openly addressing a cheating rumor involving the 25-year-old NBA star. Apparently someone made Photoshopped screenshots and used a fake male’s voice to imply that KAT was stepping out on Jordyn with another woman. Not only has Jordyn clapped back on Twitter about how their relationship is “solid,” Karl went as far as to say he plans to put a “ring” on Jordyn’s finger one day, hinting at an upcoming marriage proposal.

Jordyn took to Twitter on Mar. 18 and wrote, “People really be praying on your downfall,” then continued, “So crazy how someone can make fake screenshots and send it to blogs and y’all believe it. My relationship is more than solid and I put that on everything.” Karl retweeted the message and added, “A lot of goofies out here with photoshop skills,” with a hysterical laughing face emoji. Jordyn then tweeted, “He don’t even talk like that. ‘Mamita?’ come on now,” about the faked voice in the alleged cheating shots.

Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordyn Woods
Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordyn Woods’s relationship is so solid, he’s thinking about putting ‘a ring on her finger.’ Photo credit: Backgrid

Karl then reposted Jordyn’s tweet about their “solid” relationship, along with a message from a fan who noted that he was “reading all the ‘i knew it. they weren’t gonna last comments.’ they were quick to respond to fake news lmao,” about fans who were sucked in to believing the cheating allegations. Karl then tweeted back, “God forbid a black couple is thriving.”

Jordyn continued on with her tweets, “I normally don’t address anything but what you’re not gonna do is play with my mans character.” She then added, “And to the person who started this rumor…WE SEEE YOU SIS…since you wanna be seen SO BAD. God see you too. Facts. I’m done for the day, I normally don’t even respond but had time today…love you guys”

Karl then made it perfectly clear that he’s happier than ever with Jordyn, and even hinted at a possible marriage proposal. He tweeted, ‘So I got the baddest girl in the game and you think I’m gonna waste my energy with anyone else gtfoh! Same haters we got now are gonna be the same ones we have when I put that ring on her finger.” Whoa! That’s quite a revelation on his part about just how serious his relationship with Jordyn is. 

The model then shared a reply that really moved her. It mentioned how the one year anniversary of Karl’s beloved mom Jacqueline Cruz Towns‘s death from COVID-19 is coming up on April 13, and that he’s had such a painful year with the passing of six other family members due to the coronavirus. The Minnesota Timberwolves player nearly lost his dad Karl Sr. as well, though he thankfully recovered after being hospitalized in Mar. 2020 with the virus.

“It’s truly disgusting after everything you’ve both been through the past year, near the anniversary of his mother’s passing for people to think it’s ok to be creating lies like this. You a queen for defending your man & setting the record straight,” a fan named Glori tweeted to Jordyn. She responded with two crying face emojis and a red heart to show how deeply moved she was by the message. The couple really has been there for each other during some very hard times — including Karl’s own positive COVID diagnosis in Jan. 2021 — and come out the other side stronger than ever.