Kailyn Lowry Reveals One Of Her Exes Demanded A Paternity Test: I Was ‘Embarrassed’ — Listen

Kailyn Lowry has shared that one of her three baby fathers demanded a paternity test to make sure her child was his. She said it left her humiliated because she knew exactly who the dad was.

Kailyn Lowry
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Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has revealed that the father of one of her four sons didn’t initially believe the child was his. The 28-year-old made the revelation on her Oct. 13 Baby Mamas No Drama podcast with Vee Rivera, the wife of Kail’s ex Jo Rivera, who is the father to their 10-year-old son Isaac. Kailyn has three more sons, six-year-old Lincoln Marroquin with ex-husband Javi Marroquin, and sons Lux, 3, and Creed, 2 1/2 months by ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez. The ladies talked about the subject of mandatory DNA tests at birth, and you can hear Kailyn talk about how one of her childrens’ dad’s demanded a paternity test starting at the 33:19 mark:

“I definitely had my own experience with this. I know who I slept with, I never questioned any of my kids’ dads, not one of them,” Kailyn explained, as Vee told her that Kail’s sons are “copy and paste images” of their dads. “All of them, seriously,” Kailyn agreed, as the MTV star’s children all take after their respective fathers when it comes to their looks.

During the Oct. 20 podcast, Kail explained, “I’m trying to put myself in a man’s shoes and if I didn’t have the child most of the time and it wasn’t 50-50 — let’s say I get every other weekend — I’m still sending my kid clothes, diapers, toys. Maybe it’s not cash child support, but I’m still sending things that they need. Even without being asked, I’m still going to send it.”

Kailyn used nearly the exact same words about Chris in a Feb. 2020 tweet after announcing her fourth pregnancy, and second child by him. “Imagine not doing sh*t for your child & getting their name tattooed on your face in 2020,” she wrote in a diss. She then blamed herself for having a child with Chris without naming him, writing in a follow-up tweet, “Listen. If one of my baby dads had my child & I couldn’t see him for whatever reason. I’m still sending clothes, diapers, wipes, cards. Whatever,” adding, “And y’all haters or whatever you call yourselves are right. This was my fault bc I had a child w this man. So congrats.”

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