Javi Marroquin Gets Emotional In IG Live Video After Kailyn Lowry Reveals He Tried Hooking Up Again

Javi Marroquin was close to tears as the former 'Teen Mom 2' star revealed 'issues' he's been working on. Nearly a week ago, Javi was accused by his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry of trying to cheat on TV.

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Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin
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Javi Marroquin, 27, didn’t hide the fact that he’s going through a rough time. On the Oct. 13 episode of Teen Mom 2, his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry, 28, claimed that Javi offered to hookup with her while his girlfriend Lauren Comeau was at home. Nearly a week after the episode aired, Javi got emotional as he broke his silence amid his latest personal drama during an Instagram Live session.

“[It’s] no secret that this year has been hard on me, my family, my friends,” Javi began in the video stream on Oct. 19. While the former MTV star didn’t directly address Kailyn’s allegation, Javi said that he “need[s] to ask the Lord to kind of guide [him] in the right direction” and is looking to put together a prayer group that would assemble “first thing in the morning” (on Oct. 20).

“I went back to church and I was looking for a sign,” Javi continued, as he explained how he’s been trying to use faith to steer him on the right path. He then confessed that he wanted God to give him “some type of sign” that he’s in “the right direction to fix [himself] and figure out all these issues” that he has. Javi’s voice wavered as he said this, and the father of two sounded close to tears during the live stream.

Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin
Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry married in 2012, but Kailyn filed for divorce in Dec. 2015. They share a son, Lincoln, together. (Photo Credit: MTV)

Javi also revealed that he has been reading the Bible as soon as he wakes up. “It’s kind of lonely by myself,” Javi added, which is why he offered to invite fans to his prayer-led Zoom meeting on Tuesday morning.

Javi’s girlfriend Lauren, whom he shares his 23-month-old son Eli with, has been posting cryptic messages ever since the latest hookup request allegation surfaced. She shared a horoscope message about an “important phase” in her life that’s “ending” on Oct. 15, and also shared a message about “trust” on the same day Javi went live on Instagram.

“I hope that even on the hardest of days, comfort finds you. I hope you can allow yourself to trust, that even when it feels so far away, joy will always remember the route to your door. And I hope, as hard as I know it is, that you can be gentle with yourself in the waiting,” read the message originally written by Jess Sharp that Lauren shared on Oct. 19.

Javi and Lauren also went through a rough patch in August of 2019, when a report alleged that Javi had cheated on Lauren with another woman in their own home. Shortly after the alarming allegation came out, Javi wrote a public apology for Lauren.