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Kristen Stewart Smiling

Kristen Stewart Smiles With Fans In New Pics — Over Robert Pattinson?

Kristen isn’t going to let her broken heart get in the way of having some fun with her fans abroad! The ‘Twilight’ star is slowly getting over her ex Rob and finally showing off her pretty smile again in these great new pictures of her hanging out with fans while filming ‘Sils Maria’ in Switzerland.

It’s been a rough summer for Kristen Stewart as she recovers from the sting of getting rejected by both her ex Robert Pattinson and the man she cheated on him with, Rupert Sanders. Thankfully, Kristen has finally realized that she’s not going to get over her troubles by sitting around and moping. Instead, she’s working hard and enjoying meeting some of her overseas fans, who say she is “so genuine” and truly “happy to see” them. Read on for more details!

September 20, 2013
Kristen Stewart Returns To Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart: Why Robert Pattinson Split Drove Her To Rupert Sanders

Apparently Kristen isn’t a fan of being single! She must feel extremely lost right now, an expert tells HollywoodLife, for her to run back to try to rekindle the flame with Rupert.

Kristen Stewart was reportedly denied by Rupert Sanders when she reached out to him after she was dumped by Robert Pattinson. Even though it was after Rupert’s divorce, he didn’t want to get back with Kristen, according to the report.

September 19, 2013
Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart: Stay Away From Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart, even though you’ve already publicly apologized for cheating on Robert Pattinson to no avail — since you’re broken up now and living separately — it doesn’t mean that you should try to get back together with the person that was the cause of your breakup!

Kristen Stewart, we know it’s been a really tough road for you since the affair with director Rupert Sanders became public over a year ago. It’s hard to think that you and Robert Pattinson aren’t together anymore — but what’s done is done. You have to keep on moving on with your life, instead of trying to continue your relationship with Rupert!

September 19, 2013
Kristen Stewart Dated Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart Dated Rupert Sanders Again After His Divorce — Report

Poor Kristen! Things haven’t been going too smoothly for her ever since she cheated on her ex Rob with Rupert. Now a new report says she even had the nerve to date Rupert again after he split from his wife. How shocking!

Kristen Stewart has had a rough time over the past several months — not only did Robert Pattinson end their relationship, but he also decided he doesn’t want to speak to her anymore. Could it get any worse for the Twilight actress? Apparently so! Kristen tried to maintain contact with Rupert Sanders after his wife divorced him, but she was quickly rejected by him as well. How sad! Read on for all the details.

September 18, 2013

Kristen Stewart Relaxes On ‘Camp X-Ray’ Set In Socks & Sandals

We always knew she was a fighter, but now K-Stew’s literally a soldier! The ‘Twilight’ actress wore a full military uniform on the set of her new movie and looked totally chill.

Kristen Stewart, 23, was spotted in Los Angeles on July 17, filming scenes for her new movie Camp X-Ray, which also stars Joseph Julian Soria of Army Wives — and the funny State Farm buffalo commercial. Kristen plays a young soldier who joins the military to escape her small town, only to find out she won’t be going to Iraq as she was hoping, but to Guantanamo Bay!

July 18, 2013
Rupert Sanders Kristen Stewart Affair

Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders: One Year Since Affair Was Revealed

Today, July 17, is one year to the day that Kristen’s world came crumbling down, when her affair with Rupert was revealed and she lost the love of her life.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were Hollywood’s most stable couple, until it was suddenly revealed on the cover of Us Weekly that Kristen had been having an affair with her married Snow White & The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders on July 17 2012. One year later, is looking back at the past twelve months, and how dramatically Kristen’s life has changed since.

July 17, 2013

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