Newly Released Photos Reveal Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders Being Extremely Intimate

This sure doesn't look like a "momentary indiscretion" as Kristen Stewart claims. Newly released pics of their PDA show the pair in far steamier embraces than the original photos - this couple appears VERY familiar. Robert Pattinson, you might want to look at the newly released photos of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders taken during their steamy public rendezvous on July 17.

As much as they will be a dagger to your heart, if you want answers about the nature of Kristen’s relationship with Rupert, you will probably find some of them in these shocking photos.

First of all, the new pictures reveal much more familiarity and a lot more intensity to the PDA that the first set seen in USWeekly. In one of the new pics Rupert Sanders is actually touching Kristen’s boob through her shirt, his body is completely pressed up against her backside as he nuzzles above her ear while she holds his hand.

Then in another photo she leans over a fence, her pants falling down and he is pressed against her underwear… or is it Rob’s underwear? Kristen actually looks like she might be wearing Rob’s pants and boxers, as well as his hat. Hmm!

Then there’s the way Rupert pulls Kristen close as he kisses the back of her hair in another photo. There’s a comfort level between these two as they enjoy their romantic meeting, that doesn’t seem possible for a pair having their first intimate meet up.

No, this certainly appears to be a couple at ease and very happy to see each other again, enjoying a carefree summer afternoon PDA session.

They sure don’t look like a pair that are nervous first-timers.

Then there’s the fact that Kristen is wearing grungy clothes, has messy hair and no makeup. What girl meeting a guy she likes on a first date dresses that completely casually? Uh… no girl.

Unfortunately for Kristen, Rupert and Rob, photos do speak a thousand words. Click here to see the new pics.

What do you think Hollywoodlifers? Do these new photos back up K Stew’s claim that it was a “momentary indiscretion” or do they suggest that there was more going on?

Bonnie Fuller

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