Kristen Stewart’s Affair: Sadly, She’ll Be Haunted By It — Expert Says

Kristen broke up a family, and she'll always have to live with that, a relationship expert tells exclusively. Read on for all the details! Kristen Stewart's affair with Rupert Sanders may have happened six months ago, but now that he and wife Liberty Ross are getting a divorce, Kristen will always be haunted by it.

Kristen Stewart Affair
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Dr. Phil Dembo, a relationship expert, tells exclusively: “Rupert Sanders is getting divorced. And Kristin Stewart must be feeling the heat. It’s one thing to have a tryst and ultimately life moves on and everyone remains intact. But Kristin’s involvement with Sanders has now culminated in Sanders’ family falling apart. Of course, any one behavior and decision doesn’t define the end of a relationship. Obviously, the Sanders’ marriage, as the relationship between Stewart and longtime boyfriend, Robert Pattison, was in trouble for the tryst to happen in the first place.”

Not only will Kristen have to live with the fact that her action lead to the demise of a marriage, but her own relationship is suffering as well. Rob, 26, and Kristen, 22, are currently on a trial separation while he’s aways filming The Rover in Australia.

Dr. Phil Dembo continued, “Kristin Stewart is learning first hand what we all must know as adults…when you make a bad decision that affects other people and their family, it doesn’t go away easily and it often doesn’t end well. Will this haunt Kristin and Robert and the future of their relationship? How can it not? Before, Kristin Stewart was seen as a ‘misguided cheater’ but now…now she will be forever known as a ‘home wrecker.’

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Will Kristen EVER forgive herself?

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— Chris Rogers, Reporting by Sandra Clark

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