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Sean Lowe and Desiree Hartsock

Chris Harrison: Sean Lowe & Desiree Hartsock Still Have A ‘Spark’

‘The Bachelor’ host and love guru Chris thinks that Sean and Desiree may have unfinished business. Does Sean still love Des?

Desiree Hartsock may be the one who got away from Sean Lowe! When the former flames came face to face on The Bachelor: Women Tell All on March 4, there was undeniable chemistry and buried feelings rose to the surface. Desiree is the one girl that Sean admits he regrets eliminating, and Chris Harrison believes that their romance has not “run it’s course yet.” Will Sean pull a Jason Mesnick?

March 5, 2013
Chris Harrison The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Dishes The Dirt On ‘Bachelor: Women Tell All’

‘The Bachelor’ is promised to be ‘explosive’ every week, but this time I think they really mean it! Host Chris opens up about the ‘Women Tell All’ special, and Sean Lowe needs to run and hide! Sean Lowe better be ready to face the music! On the March 3 episode of The Bachelor: Women Tell All, Sean…

March 4, 2013
Jennifer Lawrence The Bachelor

Jennifer Lawrence Admits She Loves Watching ‘The Bachelor’

Guilty pleasure alert! Oscar winning actress Jennifer admitted to host Chris Harrison how much she loves watching ‘The Bachelor.’ So cool!

It’s not just regular folk who love The Bachelor, Oscar winning actresses do too! At the 85th Academy Awards on Feb. 24, Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence told Chris Harrison that she loves the show. Perhaps Jennifer could be Sean Lowe‘s new fiancée! Read on to see why Jennifer loves The Bachelor.

March 4, 2013
The Bachelor All Stars

Chris Harrison Says ‘The Bachelor’ All-Star Edition Would ‘Fall Flat’

If you think ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ are dramatic, just imagine an All-Stars edition of the show! caught up with host, Chris Harrison, who tells us he has strong reservations about that ever happening — find out why!

As a long-running reality show’s seasons continue, they often have to resort to different ways of approaching the show, in order to get the viewers that they so desperately need. But if it was up to host Chris Harrison,  we would never see an All-Stars edition of The Bachelor!

February 26, 2013
Sean Lowe Eliminates AshLee Frazier

Chris Harrison: Sean Lowe Sent The Right Woman Home On ‘Bachelor’

Audiences were shocked when Sean sent home frontrunner AshLee Fraizer at the fantasy suite dates on Feb. 25, but host Chris thinks Sean totally made the right choice.

Sean Lowe totally shocked fans at the fantasy suite dates on the Feb. 25 episode of The Bachelorwhen he chose Seattle goofball Catherine Giudici and Missouri sweetheart Lindsay Yenter over southern belle AshLee Frazier. And AshLee was pissed! Sean and AshLee seemed so compatible and in love, so it was so shocking when he chose to eliminate her, but host Chris Harrison explains why Sean made the right choice.

February 26, 2013
Bachelor Recap Sean Lowe Tells All

‘Bachelor’ Recap: Sean Lowe Admits Eliminating Desiree Was A Mistake

In a ‘Bachelor’ special, Sean Lowe sits down with host Chris Harrison and dishes all the dirt about this season, and he really reveals all!

Sean Lowe sat down with The Bachelor host Chris Harrison on Feb. 19 to reveal all of the gossip from behind the scenes this season, including why he sent home one of America’s favorite contestants, Desiree, why he kept that evil witch Tierra around for so long, and he reveals all the sexy details of the fantasy suite dates. Sean bared his heart — and his chest — and it was juicy!

February 19, 2013
Chris Harrison The Bachelor Blog

Chris Harrison Blogs ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere: Kacie Begged To Meet Sean

‘The Bachelor’ host recapped the season 17 show himself, and revealed surprise bachelorette Kacie from season 16 ‘pleaded’ with Chris to come back on the show to meet Sean!

Chris Harrison has spent 10 years as the host of the unpredictable long-running dating show The Bachelor, so who better to recap the season 17 premiere than the host who watches it all from the sidelines? Chris gave his thoughts on bachelor Sean Lowe — and the entertaining women vying for his love.

January 8, 2013

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