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What Happens To Bachelor Engagement Rings

‘The Bachelor’ Engagement Rings: Chris Harrison Reveals What Happens If Couples Split

It’s getting down to the wire on ‘The Bachelor’, and it sounds pretty positive that Ben Higgins will propose on the Mar. 14 finale. But, if it doesn’t work out, what happens to the ring? Chris Harrison reveals the answer in a hilarious new interview. Here’s the scoop!

Ben Higgins, 27, is in love with two girls on The Bachelor, but what would happen to the gorgeous ring if he didn’t propose to either one of them on the Mar. 14 finale? Chris Harrison, 44, pulls back the curtain and spills the tea in a new interview. We have all the details, here!

March 14, 2016
Bachelor Ben Higgins Loves 2 Women

‘The Bachelor’: Even Chris Harrison Thinks Ben ‘Pulls A Mesnick’ — Interview

We’ve all seen the trailers — we know that Ben Higgins drops the L-bomb twice during the fantasy suite episode, and that he has regrets after sending someone home. So, does Chris Harrison approve?

Chris Harrison has seen a lot of heartbreak go down over the years on The Bachelor — and season 20 is no exception. During a recent press call, the host reflected on Ben Higgins‘ season and the emotional finale that’s about to air, and yes, those three little words.

February 29, 2016
Chris Harrison Disses Chris Soules

Chris Harrison Slams Chris Soules: I’d Never Let Him Date My Daughter

It’s a Chris on Chris smackdown! Longtime ‘Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison is apparently not a fan of the most recent ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules. In fact, Harrison said he’d never let Soules date his daughter!

We wonder what happened between these two! On the June 12 episode of The Meredith Vieira Show, host Meredith Vieira played a little Bachelor themed rapid fire with the show’s host, Chris Harrison. The questions started out innocently enough (i.e. most awkward rose ceremony, most uncomfortable cryer, etc.), but things took a nasty turn when Meredith asked which dude Chris would never want his daughter to date. Yup, Mr. Harrison won’t be calling Chris Soules “son” anytime soon!

June 12, 2015
britt nilsson dating brady troops

Britt Nilsson: Reject ‘Bachelorette’ In Hot Romance With Contestant Brady Toops

Guess you can call it love at first sight! After Britt Nilsson was kicked off ‘The Bachelorette,’ one of the show’s hunky suitors immediately ran after her — and now they’re in love? Yep, ‘Bachelorette’ reject Britt is still dating Brady Troops, allegedly!

Britt Nilsson, 27, was crushed when she was forced to leave The Bachelorette after this season’s group of guys decided they wanted Kaitlyn Bristowe, 28, to stay instead. However, there is a silver lining in Britt’s sad story. After she left in tears, contestant Brady Troops, 33, followed her because he fell head over heels for her after the first night they met. And now they’re a serious couple, according to a new report!

May 21, 2015
the bachelorette chris harrison defends

Chris Harrison Defends ‘Bachelorette’: Haters Must Have Problem With Themselves

‘The Bachelorette’ is officially back– and it’s bigger than ever. With the men themselves choosing between two women as to whom will be their Bachelorette, a whole new set of controversies has been ushered in.

If you have an issue with the guys choosing between two women on The BacheloretteChris Harrison doesn’t really care. Following some uproar over the arguably degrading tactic just to decide which lady will get to hang around the show to find love, the longtime host of the soulmate-matching series explained why he actually loves that people are upset. You’ve got to hear his comments!

May 19, 2015
The Bachelor Jordan Returns

‘The Bachelor’: [Spoiler] Returns To Win Chris Back — Will He Accept?

Once a Bachelor contestant, always a Bachelor contestant… apparently! During the February 2 episode, one of the ladies Chris sent home will return — and beg him for another chance!

Here we go again. When Kimberly returned week two after being eliminated, the ladies were not happy — and that’s exactly what happens again when yet another cast off refused to take no for an answer! Don’t these girls know the rules in The Bachelor?

February 2, 2015

‘The Bachelor’ Guru Chris Harrison: This Series Has Created Better Men

‘The Bachelor’ is changing the every-day man. Or at least that’s what host, Chris Harrison, thinks! He revealed in a brand new interview, that the show has made quite an enduring legacy and the quality of the contestants has actually gotten better! Do you agree?

Season 19 (!) of The Bachelor premieres on Jan. 5 and before the show came back, perpetual Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, 43, sat down with GQ to discuss the show’s lasting success. Chris, who is a recently divorced bachelor himself even touches on whether or not he’d join the show, or even cast his ex-wife as the next Bachelorette!

January 5, 2015

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